Another example of the United States ‘creating‘ the rules of war.

As you can see from my previous post, the location of the hospital aroused suspicions the official line, that the bombing was a mistake, were bogus.

The Medics Sans Frontiers (MSF), doctors without borders called for an investigation into the attack that killed 22 people and injured many others.

As the facts of the case are presented in the document below, it becomes clear that it was an ordered execution.

Creating the rules of engagement as they go along, you’ve got to hope the US burn in hell for what they’ve done to innocent people.

Kunduz hospital during air attacks

Kunduz hospital during air attacks

Original article taken from IBT

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has released chilling details about the US bombing of the charity’s hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, with tales of patients burning in their beds, medical staff decapitated or shot by circling AC-130 gunship planes while fleeing the burning building.

An initial internal review of the air strikes on 3 October, which killed at least 30 MSF staff and patients, shows that the hospital was “fully functioning” and there was no heavy fighting from both sides in the vicinity of the compound before the attack.
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Chinglish T-shirt

Is this your style?

Chinglish T-shirt

Chinese T-shirts which say one mis-spelt English word, like cabbage or thumb, or something inane and ridiculous. Like the people who had the Japanese tattoos done, and thought they had something cool written on them, but really it was like ‘vagina’ or something in Japanese.

Most of these ‘Engrish‘ t-shirt’s come from cheap market stalls. Commonly, they’re grammatically ridiculous missives with no particular subject or meaning…

Others, like the lady above, prefer the random selection of abstract English ‘buzz-words’, type style/design – a Chinese ‘entrepreneur’ picks 6 random words from the dictionary and has 20,000 printed at a sweatshop in Guangdong to knock out. General quality is ok, the words look good, but the meanings are really stupid.

Chinglish as a language

Chinglish is a combination of the words Chinese and English. It follows that Chinglish words are the same, but the truth is that it’s more a case of applying Chinese rules of grammar to English words or sentences than creating new words or sentences.

I first came across Chinglish when looking at some of the signs in Chengdu’s panda research center, also at the high speed railway station, then more and more… I noticed Chinglish… Bad spellings, poor grammar and nonsensical sentence structure. On restaurant menus, signs.. and then… I began to notice it in my pupils vocabulary.😱

The Chinese try and make out Chinglish is a sort of language. Really, it’s just slackness. These signs illustrate some of the more outrageous examples.

In China, it’s really difficult to get away from. The main grammatical difference between Western European languages and Chinese is the use of tense.

Chinese don’t use tense, nor do they use masculine or feminine. They don’t use the possesive; ‘I want‘ becomes just ‘want‘, and ‘not want‘ is ‘I don’t want‘. Like, Not like etc…

Chinglish signs

Here’s a selection of Chinglish signs I’ve picked up over a few years.

Some of them came from facebook.

There are others.

I’m pretty sure there’s an exhaustive supply, (every expat has their favorite ‘Chingrish’ story), so let me know if ‘you like‘.

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Found this guide to applying for a Z-visa, the pre-runner to a ‘residents permit’ in China.

Most employers help with the process which requires specific documents from both the employer and employee.

This guide is written by the US Embassy. It broadly covers most foreigners applying for a Z-visa, except

  • In the cost of the Visa.
  • Submission addresses and details.
  • Non-western Europe, America’s have different visa arrangements/requirements.

Everything else is the same. It’s a valuable read for anyone planning to visit China working for the first time

New eBook: Guide to Z Visas and Work Authorization in China

This free Guide summarizes the requirements and procedures to apply for work authorization in China on the basis of an employment permit issued by a local Human Resources and Social Security (HRSS) bureau. Each step of the process is covered: employment license, visa notification letter, Z visa and entry, medical examination, work permit, and residence permit. Issues related to accompanying family members are covered as well. The Guide concludes with a discussion of additional terms and conditions of stay in China for workers and their family members.


Male vs Female

Irish guy has taken it upon himself to make a stand.

In this case, it’s in the name of the male of the species, beneath the Eros statue in Piccadilly Circus, at 9pm on a Saturday night.

woman bottles man at eros statue london

His stand is against the female of the species, who he stands and harasses for approximately 2 minutes before he receives a shock from onlooker female, who may the girl’s friend.

Female vs Male

Back in China: This Chinese girl is on the Shanghai metro, being tailed by other Chinese girls, who you can hear giggling at her actions towards the male passengers on the train.

Word is, she split up with her boyfriend, who has lama genes.

Now she’s missing him and has taken it to the men on the metro, looking for another lama-type to hook up with.crazy chinese girl spitting on shanghai metro

This is the best way she knows.

The Chinese love a good spit anyhow, this one has just found an excuse, in her eyes. I’m not sure about the other passengers on the train…

These Chinese…

Chinese Oscar time.

No need to roll out the red carpet, these aren’t the best actors, but they do try.

Fake Chinese traffic accidents video

If anyone has ever tried smashing a windscreen with parts of their body, they’ll know how hard it is…

To create the strongest possible Marijuana strains….

Now a legal substance in the US and Portugal; governments, agencies, police and policy makers are taking an increasingly lenient view on ‘the herb‘.bruce banner transforming

Bring on Bruce Banner

When I once went to Amsterdam, I had some ‘White Widow’, at that time considered to be one of the strongest strains of Marijuana.

Things have changed.

The market is legal, but unregulated… in terms of strength… one strain of Marijuana is the same as another.

As anyone who has smoked the stuff knows, this is not the case.

Similar to alcohol, a methods of production determine the strength of the finished product.

This is article on the strength of Marijuana shows how it’s increased.

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