OK. So those not been to China, will not know: the nation’s idea of innovation is looking at other peoples ideas and copying them… Being from the Shanghai area, as you can imagine, it’s more of a way of life…

Coming and looking around the markets and stalls, you’ll think you’ve found a bounty of Western goods! With the same standards, and finish quality, same functionality etc.

Dream on

I’ve bought several items now in varying degrees of ‘knock-off’ ness.

For the Chinese, there is no line between ‘knock-off’ and genuine.
Knock-off is the genuine, so you got to be careful about what you do and where you spend your money…

I’m going to be keeping a kind of ‘knock-off’ diary. Browse at your leisure… (If you need anything, shoot me an email and I can sort u out!)

Here’s a list of the current ‘knock-off’ goods, their failure level and the prices paid.

Shanghai Aqurium

I’ve been to 2 of note. The one in Sydney, just behind the harborfront, and this one.

Both have large pools, and as you’d expect, fish.

Shanghai Aquarium

Shanghai Aquarium

The fish swim around you in many tunnel things. Sometimes they do nothing.

The signs are in English, as well as Chinese.
The Chinese are well behaved, there are no Chinese trying to catch the fish or spitting in the pools.

I spent a couple of hours in here. It’s easy to find. Right next to the Oriental Pearl Tower.

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No more kids.

Here’s a picture of me and my co-teacher.


Mike + Juicy


Today was my last day at the Global Training Center – Linestart.

That’s a full year served and they managed to get me a cake – some candles. Also got a tea-set.

Me and cake

Me and cake

Like yum!

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Contract’s up in under a month.

Looking to move out of Kunshan, into Shanghai.


Reminds me of what I used to feel waking up when I lived in Wolverhampton.

I lived there for 5 years.


Pullman Hotel - Kunshan


We know that Chinese New Year is coming up.

The boss at Linestart, Rob, has a new business venture.
It’s in association with one the local hotels, it’s a bar.

You might not think that a bar and speaking English have much in common. But this is an English Bar! And yes, drinking has everything to do with speaking English. Even when you’re in China.

Having usage of this new venue/promotional vehicle. Rob set out to make the party at his place. The ‘hotel’ rather than house. I suppose it saved his wife a whole lot of cooking. Read More →