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Mooring in Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire

Michael Tyler


Owner and main contributor to the site.

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Tried to stop in ‘Clench’. The water bankside was just too shallow. Lots of overhanging trees, and a thin towpath.

Didn’t bother, after a couple of minutes pushing myself out of the mud, took the 2 mile or so journey to Wootton Rivers.

Wootton Rivers

Wootton rivers - Royal oakThere’s some winter moorings here, water points and disposal.

There is also a pub.

Civilised compared to Milkhouse Water.

For some reason, it seems much brighter, less dank and oppressive, which Milkhouse Water sometimes felt.

Visitor moorings

I’m moored in the visitors moorings, which are usually 1 day, but under winter mooring rules convert to 14 days.

I’ve got rings to moor to and the towpath isn’t too muddy.

It’s 50m or so from the road and 5m from the waterpoint.

Now going to cycle back to the car, which according to googlemaps is 2.2 miles down ‘un-named roads’.


  • Parking
  • Water point
  • Waste disposal
  • 1 Day visitor moorings

Visitor mooring basically means you’re on rings, ie. you don’t have the complications of mooring to the bank, which on the Kennet and Avon means a ‘boarding plank’ and mooring pins.

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  1. I like the sound of this mooring….a lot easier and the pub sounds as if it might be a tad closer. It’s good to have water close by. Enjoy these 2 weeks….before the winter closures finish and the visitor mooring rules kick in again. I think tomorrow Saturday March 4th promises to be a better day was terrible where we are.

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