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Calcutt Boats -> Flecknoe

It’s amazing the power a little post on social media has… Imagine. My little problem with invoicing at Calcutt boats magically disappeared! Simply paid the bill and left. Social media and complaining I was discussing this with my respondents the other day. If you’ve got a grievance with a company these days, often the only way to get someone to take notice of you is posting some nasty stuff about it and spamming it out on social media. They no…

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Weedon -> Calcutt Boats

Calcutt Boats Supposedly to get a Eberspächer fitted, which on arrival, they claim to know nothing about. As well as that, they’ve given me an invoice with a cost from my last visit. That was on the 8th July 2017. An invoice that was paid at the time. On my querying it. The guy Matt, went off and brought out another invoice. This time the invoice, which was again paid at the time, had been “entered it into the system…

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Back at the Pig Place

‘Where the dear and the antelope play’… Or just pigs. We have some buffalo in the field opposite. So it could be, ‘where the pigs and the buffalo play’. Aynho Wharf Had to go to Aynho Wharf. For water. Turned around. Came back up again. Took about 2.5 hours from where I was before. The water takes forever to fill up at Aynho because of the low pressure. Solar and the cost of living Able to do all my cooking…

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Far from madding motorway

The faint hum that has been in the background, for more than 6 months now…. is gone. I’m on the Northampton/Warwickshire border. My boat’s pointing toward Oxford… You can see the border there, about 100 feet away. It’s very quite here. Very much quieter than it’s been for a long-long time. Although Flore was kind of quite, it didn’t have the stillness of the countryside.