Bonny Journey

Bonny Journey

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At least for now, whilst I let my knee rest…

The sensible thing to do was let my knee recover.

After leaving the Gypsy Hill Hotel, I got about 3/4 mile down the road before I realised it was just not going to be possible to go any further.

It feels OK. When I put any pressure on it, it starts to hurt.

Exeter to Lands End

When I start again, I commence where I left of.

I believe it’s £15 on the train if I book apex.

There are some great national parks down there, at present, it will spoil my enjoyment of the autumnal scenes and make the best of the journey pointless.

So I’ve given up on it for now.

The boat is still here, although someone tried to rip my TV aerial out, didn’t cause any damage.
Maybe they caught it on something.

Gonna do some chores round here, then pick it up in a few days.

2 thoughts on “Bonny Journey

  1. Sorry to read that the knee problem got so bad as to make you have to call off the ride – but your decision is probably a wise one. Had a quick butcher’s at your dead bankers list – it’s quite a read, isn’t it !! Does the thread get many looking at it?

    Hope you’ll be warm back on Bonnie. Any shots of the wharfage?

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