Britnney Spears – Sectioned

Britnney Spears – Sectioned

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Brittany’s parents are trying to get her 5150’d, the American equivalent of sectioned.

It may be time for Britnay to do a forest gump and make for the hills.

I once hitch hiked and slept rough for 6 weeks.
As long as the weather stays good, it clears the mind.

Roughing it
I slept rough with a towel, a blanket stolen for a youth hostel and an old fertilizer bag.
It didn’t start getting cold until I got to France.

A carrot a day
I used to eat carrots, and biscuits, bread and some tinned stuff, chase wild animals.
I hitch hiked through the whole of Bragancia, which is like the most beautiful area of Portugal.

When you get to England, you can expect the same feelings of worthlessness. But you can always look back. Gain clarity.

Travelling with no money brings back some of the best memories.


My trip sleeping rough in Europe.

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