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Some the amazing photographs from my Flickr photos group, UNESCO places of WORSHIP.

Whilst I was travelling around the world, I noticed that some of the grandest architecture could be found in churches.

From the gold plait of Oaxca in Mexico, to the wooden curches of little Poland.
All very interesting, each church telling it’s own story, often of those powers which had sponsored it’s existance…

There are so many unique works of art and artisanship to be found in these buildings, I dedicated a group to it on FLickr.

Here are some of the best pictures.

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Flickr doesn’t work in China

Flickr doesn’t work in China

Some time ago. Flickr changed the design of their photo-hosting service to what is know in the industry, as a JSON platform.

Under most circumstances, this adds a lot more user functionality. However, you must remember that FLICKR by it’s nature is not a bandwidth light site. It’s bandwidth heavy.

All the images come at the cost of the JSON code not functioning at all.

I ceased using the site in July last year.

In CHina it wasn’t possible. Flickr simply doesn’t work in China. I’ve tried it using a VPN.

The functionality was so restricted, that when Paypal put the renewal through this year, I contested it and won on the grounds that it wasn’t ‘fit for purpose‘.

I know many of you photo-sharers out there must have encountered problems.

I missed Flickr and being able to share my photo’s online with friends and family.


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Shanghai Tourism

Shanghai Tourism

Shanghai Aqurium

I’ve been to 2 of note. The one in Sydney, just behind the harborfront, and this one.

Both have large pools, and as you’d expect, fish.

Shanghai Aquarium
Shanghai Aquarium

The fish swim around you in many tunnel things. Sometimes they do nothing.

The signs are in English, as well as Chinese.
The Chinese are well behaved, there are no Chinese trying to catch the fish or spitting in the pools.

I spent a couple of hours in here. It’s easy to find. Right next to the Oriental Pearl Tower.

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