Google Censorship clamps down on the ‘alt-media’

Google Censorship clamps down on the ‘alt-media’

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Here are some other sites that have experienced problems similar to, and the amount of traffic they’ve lost from search (80%) Google, since the beginning of the year.

All authority sites. All producing original content.

In the name of ‘democracy’, ‘free speech’ and ‘human rights’.

Toni Morrison proclaimed that hate speech was equivalent to physical assault in seriousness back in 1993.

That’s a fairly controversial viewpoint. Against the person, it could be argued as true, but against the state?

Is hate against the state, hate?

Google has been working with the ADL to ‘remove hate-speech’ websites from the web. The only problem is, they’re removing sites which are publishing facts that the MSM don’t want to deal with.

Perhaps that’s ‘hate’ speech by a broad and polarised definition. Not by the definition of the general punter, who expects to be fed impartial facts by a search engine. A range of viewpoints on any question or query.

I’ve produced many articles on this site which the MSM has actively ignored. Most notably, the dead bankers conspiracy, which was even broadcast on the radio by a guy called Tony on

A list of some of the more controversial articles I’ve written or compiled:

  1. Dead bankers conspiracy
  2. 3 Reasons you won’t ever tell me 9/11 was not an inside job
  3. MH370 MSM lies and deception
  4. MSM hate campaigns against people they don’t like
  5. Modern corruption of science through medical journals and peer review

Over the years, I’ve been building this stuff up, generally as a point of interest. The MSM gets hold of something, it’s completely wrong and misleading, yet they push it as the party line.

That kind of thing.

They’ve been doing this for years.

It’s only a very small part of my site.

Google censors my unique content

Funnily enough, in the majority, it’s not this, more controversial content that’s been removed. It’s all the travel related stuff and ‘how-to’ articles.

For example, I wrote a guide to installing Google Play Store on a Chinese phone. Very popular article, used to hold the ‘snippet’ position.

google snippet
My site used to occupy this space with a ‘how-to’ article

Now completely removed from the index.

It’s completely gone. All that remains of it are the sites that duplicated it and are selling advertising space next to it.

Travel pictures

The pictures I took whilst travelling, making up a large part of the traffic, also removed.

Some before and after pictures of the Spratly Islands, again, something which only I have been able to do in these two posts.

Spratly Islands. Before and after pictures: September 2015

US vs Bullying China

These images are now developing no traffic for me and have been removed by the index.

Over the period of 14 years I’ve been running the site, there’s a large amount of linked, relevant, non time contextual content that Google used to pick up.

The level of Google Censorship

I’ve been aware of the drop in traffic to my site for some time. Steadily, I’ve been adding content, steadily traffic has been dropping.

Around April this year, it saw a significant drop, and again in the last two weeks.

Is fairly shocking, and is only starting to be talked about now in web terms now.

There’s now a reddit group discussing Google Censorship.

Google Censorship affects my webstats

This article talks about Google Censorship in some detail, and like many people on the ‘net, feel like a turning point has been reached.

If you’d like to join in the fight against Google Censorship, you can sign a petition here.

One thought on “Google Censorship clamps down on the ‘alt-media’

  1. Right wing corporations do not want the public informed…they prefer to feed information to brainwash populations to believe what they want them to believe and to hide the truth. Theresa May’s new imposiition on the intrnet came into force this week so more right lies with little chance of challenge….disturbing times indeed!!!

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