Kung Fu waitress takes takes on three – Bruce Lee style

Kung Fu waitress takes takes on three – Bruce Lee style

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With the help only of an umbrella.

Taken from Chinese media.

**Update: This girl is called TaeMi or K Kim and is or was part of Korean Kung fu outfit, K-Tigers.

The video is a viral produced in conjunction with Model Directors to promote the (then) forthcoming title – Kingsman.

You can read more about TaeMi on her facebook page.

There’s another video that TaeMi did for the Kingsman campaign here.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, or in this case, hell hath no fury like a random 服务员 (fúwùyuán, waitress) armed with an umbrella and an arsenal of kung fu kicks.


Chinese social media has been abuzz the past few weeks over a CCTV video appearing to depict a female restaurant employee dishing out a can of whoopass on three belligerent patrons. According to 龙虎网 the footage was captured on January 28th in a dumpling restaurant, possibly in South Korea according to some reports, and is now approaching a million combined views on YouTube in various versions and many millions more on Chinese video sites.

In the video, a group of three men are calmly eating something resembling dumplings, when one them suddenly discovers something amiss with his food and tosses the whole platter onto the ground. A restaurant staff member rushes to see what the commotion is about, the angered customer stands up and gestures at his food and then motions for what appears to be the manager to talk to him. As the second employee arrives, the patron starts to go ballistic, hurling utensils at his face and physically menacing him. What happens next is straight out of a Donnie Yen chopsocky flick.

A woman, apparently a third employee, suddenly appears in the left side of the frame hurling the combative customer to the turf with a flying side kick. Instantly, his two comrades leap into action and try to attack the woman from two sides. Equally as swiftly, she stops them in their tracks with vicious blows from her umbrella and then nails the man to her left with a high arcing roundhouse kick to the face. She then dispatches the man to her right with a ferocious kick to the chest. Before the dust can settle, she calmly gathers herself, straightens her jacket, and struts off, with her umbrella still firmly in hand.

Chinese media has been dubbing her “the female Yipman”, Yipman being Bruce Lee’s master and the subject of many kung fu movies, most notably by Donnie Yen. She’s been described in Western media as “the real-life Catwoman”, where there has been some speculation of the video’s authenticity. However, the original uploader, The Multi Channel, has continued to claim that the footage “is real life, sorry ;) ”. Chinese netizens have been having fun with the footage adding music, sound effects, and cheesy dialogue.

Here’s a Tencent version that appears to have over 100 million views!

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