The End….

The End….

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For this owl.

I’ve never seen a Tawny Owl up this close….

I doubt that in another 46 years, I will see one this close again…

Dead Brown or Tawny Owl
Hello silence my old friend……

It was on the convergence of two lines of communication.

The railway, and the road.

The Pig Place

Last tiem I stayed here, there was a dead Badger in exactly the same spot.

I guess they like throwing themselves to their death right about now.

Pig Place - Oxfordshire
Pig Place – Oxfordshire

Everyone has seen a Badger. Roadkill. They are a bit stupid maybe.

Owls…. Supposed to be CLEVER. Aren’t they…..?

This one found itself a little… dead.

Moving on……

London Academy of TRading – Day trading course

Here I am at the Pig Place. This time I’m waiting to make my journey down to London where I can complete the final weeks in my Day Trading Course.

London is such a fine city.

Even having travelled the world. East to West. North to South. London is still, in my mind, one, if not THE best city on the planet.

Close to Spiceball park nature reserve

I look forward to my time down there.

3 thoughts on “The End….

  1. Many, many moons ago when driving back from the Darlington’s one night, me & mum had an owl fly into the side of the moving car – perhaps that’s what happened here ??

    Glad to hear you’re still on course for the course

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