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So this is what Goa looks like

So this is what Goa looks like

Old Goa Monastery
Dudhsagar Falls
Anjuna Goa

This last picture is where they have all the hippy parties with the pro’s and con’s of hippy influence, it’s called Anjuna.

The others are Dudhsagar Falls, a freshwater stream flows down providing a suitable swimming space making for a good day out if you get bored of the beach.
If you give the monkeys food here they will feed it to the fish in the pool, I guess the indians have trained them to do this.
Crazy monkeys.

Cost me 300 which is about 3 quid. I had a bike to get up there and the indians are really crazy drivers but I was cool with that because I have been to Spain also. Plus the motorbike keeps you cool, let off stream, shout at the monkeys and do all those other things you can’t do in the car. Bikes are dangerous and you shouldn’t tell your mother if you’re going to get one. They don’t have insurance. If you smash into someone in India I’m not sure what happens. I think you just drive off and hope they get up. Didn’t really look into it.

The picture at the top is one of the churchs in ‘Old Goa’ which might take you a chunk of a day to get to and wonder round.