Bleeding a BMC 1800 marine engine

Bleeding a BMC 1800 marine engine

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Bleeding the fuel system for a BMC 1800 marine engine.

Made the video today, after completing the bleed of the engine’s fuel system.

Wasn’t too easy.

Bonnie’s roadworthy

Or canal-worthy again.

Here’s the video for those avid engineers out there….

2 thoughts on “Bleeding a BMC 1800 marine engine

  1. Well done you….she sounds sweet. So you’ll be off to your new winter mooring today then and feeling good that Bonnie is moving again x

  2. Well, it sounds straightforward – but not my forte. Mind you, I have fitted new LED lights and UK socket outlets into the caravan, so following logical leads is feasible still. But I don’t touch plumbing any more, and certainly not diesel!
    Good to hear you’ve sorted it – it’s been full of lessons, this trip !
    … but what about the horn?

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