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Montenegro becomes 29th NATO State

Montenegro becomes 29th NATO State

Well, not quite yet, but yesterday, (19th May), they received formal invitation to become the 29th NATO state.


Having been there, I know how little industrial and commercial development this from Yugoslav state has..It’s only selling point is it’s proximity to the Aegian.

There’s a possibility for a development of tourism, but it’s population, (armed forces), and capabilities as a contributing, (raw materials), member to a military allaince are limited.

Here’s some news stories from the media who’ve decided to cover it.

Picutures of Montenegro.
Dumitor national park - MontenegroKotor bay - Montenegro
Google Earth Travel Guide – Serbia & Montenegro

Google Earth Travel Guide – Serbia & Montenegro

To download this free travel guide to Serbia & Montenegro.

Google Earth – Download

Browse and visit the main sites and attraction of the world’s newest country.

Best tracks – Moraca Valley – Podgorica -> Rasko

Best tracks – Moraca Valley – Podgorica -> Rasko

The Moraca Valley running from the Moraca river just out of Podgorica up to the small village, Rasko.

Passes through Moraca village where there’s a steam train and monastery and of course, river below.

Best drive in Serbia & Monetenegro
Towering granite spires, deep forest and plummeting river canyon most of the way.

Points to watch: Trucks approaching on the other side of the road.
Tunnels have overhang; Truck drivers work around is to approach on your side of the road.

KML (start): – 42.473850, 19.302940 Podgorica to
KML (finish): – 42.817930, 19.402110 Rasko

Worst tracks – Zabljak -> Niksic

Worst tracks – Zabljak -> Niksic

From Durmitor national park over to Niksic.

Worst roads in Europe
Marked on the map as a major route, this homebound route turned out to be the architypal Montenegrin country thoroughfare.
Windey, dangerous, nutters approaching in the other direction, nutters approaching from behind.
Single track for the duration, about 20 miles. Sheer drops denoted by flowers peppered intermittently on either side.

Scenery’s good, if you make it home.

KML (start):– 43.15443, 19.12115 Zabljak to
KML (finish):– 42.902470, 18.962960 Niksic

Guidebooks for Serbia Montenegro

Guidebooks for Serbia Montenegro

As promised a review of travel guides for the region.

Travel Guides purchased:

Lonely Planet – Western Balkans £11.19:
Bedrock for many a travellers itinerary. I had so many of these I set up a website to get rid of them.
I found this book useful in that it covers, in some depth, all areas you’re likely to visit.
You will find yourself referring to it for basic information.

Thomas Cook – Serbia & Montenegro £6.99:
More of an accompaniment guide, you’ll not find any practical information in here but there are some good pictures cultural references.
More of a bed book, not too heavy on factual so as to ruin a trip.

In your hands – Serbia £13.29:
More pictures better maps more references and in-depth. This has more information than the other 2 combined.
The thing that lets it down an accommodation section which leaves you to pin point locations yourself 🙁

Durmitor National Park – Just a Walk in the Park

Durmitor National Park – Just a Walk in the Park

Black Lake - DurmitorBlack Lake – Durmitor
KML: lat – 43.14577 lon – 19.09744

The main town in Durmitor is Zabljak.

Here I park up and take a walk for 3 hours.

Summer walks
There are a number of marked walks from a location close to town.

I take a walk around the Black lake, the easiest walk. There are a number of other walks which can be negotiated with the aid of a map.