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Montenegro becomes 29th NATO State

Montenegro becomes 29th NATO State

Well, not quite yet, but yesterday, (19th May), they received formal invitation to become the 29th NATO state.


Having been there, I know how little industrial and commercial development this from Yugoslav state has..It’s only selling point is it’s proximity to the Aegian.

There’s a possibility for a development of tourism, but it’s population, (armed forces), and capabilities as a contributing, (raw materials), member to a military allaince are limited.

Here’s some news stories from the media who’ve decided to cover it.

Picutures of Montenegro.
Dumitor national park - MontenegroKotor bay - Montenegro
US deliberately executes Taliban in hospital at Kunduz

US deliberately executes Taliban in hospital at Kunduz

Another example of the United States ‘creating‘ the rules of war.

As you can see from my previous post, the location of the hospital aroused suspicions the official line, that the bombing was a mistake, were bogus.

The Medics Sans Frontiers (MSF), doctors without borders called for an investigation into the attack that killed 22 people and injured many others.

As the facts of the case are presented in the document below, it becomes clear that it was an ordered execution.

Creating the rules of engagement as they go along, you’ve got to hope the US burn in hell for what they’ve done to innocent people.

Kunduz hospital during air attacks
Kunduz hospital during air attacks

Original article taken from IBT

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has released chilling details about the US bombing of the charity’s hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, with tales of patients burning in their beds, medical staff decapitated or shot by circling AC-130 gunship planes while fleeing the burning building.

An initial internal review of the air strikes on 3 October, which killed at least 30 MSF staff and patients, shows that the hospital was “fully functioning” and there was no heavy fighting from both sides in the vicinity of the compound before the attack.

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Russia’s strategic objectives in Syria

Russia’s strategic objectives in Syria

Yes, we all know from the MSM, they’re in there to ‘bomb some sh1t‘….

I read this article, which has a nice map showing how the regional power structures in Syria are.

Russia may have some strategic aims, such as, to re-take all the airports and secure supply links from the capital up to the Turkish border.

This article is a discussion of considerations such as this, and what is known about the strategic aims of Russia’s action in Syria.


The reactions of some Atlanticists figures, from the United States, France, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, when Russia bombed the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda —the Al-Nosra Front— speak for themselves. Those that these leaders refer to as “moderate rebel” actually belong to registered groups on the list of terrorist organizations by the United Nations.

The media frenzy in the countries of the anti-Assad coalition over the Russian air strikes on Al-Qaeda-linked guerrillas in Syria has made one very significant fact quite clear [1]. Along with the nervous reaction of the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and some other countries it is irrefutable proof that the interests of seemingly opposing forces —NATO and radical jihadism— are actually tightly intertwined. And their relations go far beyond the Syrian crisis [2].

Ultimately it makes no practical sense to differentiate Daesh and Jabhat Al-Nusra merely on the basis of the fact that those extremist groups differ about the manner in which it is necessary to kill infidels. If Jabhat Al-Nusra enjoys the confidence of some US senators [3], then the real problem might be the educational level of those senators (try to disconnect Senator McCain from his handlers and speechwriters and you will quickly see what kind of person he really is). Once again: Daesh and Jabhat Al-Nusra are cut from the same cloth. And we should agree yet before acting: when determining military targets, all decisions must be based specifically on military considerations and situation on the ground and not on American vision of the future of “democracy in Syria.”

The military disposition in Syria is crystal clear. Primarily, blockade of the cities of Homs and Hama should be lifted and direct land route from Damascus to the Turkish border to be put under control of pro-government forces. The first strikes of the Russian AF were dispatched precisely in that direction.

Syria's regional power structure
Regional control groups in Syria

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