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Serbia & Kosovo – A new front for the war on terror

Serbia & Kosovo – A new front for the war on terror

Kosovo: 10th December marks the official deadline for sovereignty negotiations to end. For someone that’s visited Kosovo (and Serbia) within the last 3 months, I can bring back the following observations.

a) Kosovo has been invaded by Albanians:
Maybe you need to quantify this statement in wikipedia. As a foreign onlooker, the number of Albanian, not Serbian, flags throughout the territory leads you to believe you’re in Albania, not Serbia.

b) Almost 1/3 of the traffic on the roads is KFOR:
If, like the newspapers are saying, there is a rumbling of radicalism. It stands to be toward the Serbs.
With 45,000 troops stationed there, any attack on Kosovo is likely to be met with stiff resistance and international back-up.

In black and white
Historically pitted with conflict, there are no black and white solutions.
In an attempt to be seen to be ‘doing good’, KFOR’s presence has had the net-effect of setting both Serbia and Kosovo back 7 years, also, giving rise to the growth of criminal cells with close links to terrorism, who have prospered under the troops presence through illegal-goods, prostitution and the supply of drugs.

The politics
Personally, I don’t think the region has any potential for serious conflict, Serbia is too poor and Kosovo has too many troops.

If Kosovo achieves independence, you can expect that within 5-10 years resolutions will make it part of the wider Albanian authority, and eventually becoming part of Albanian territory per-se.

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Google Earth Travel Guide – Serbia & Montenegro

Google Earth Travel Guide – Serbia & Montenegro

To download this free travel guide to Serbia & Montenegro.

Google Earth – Download

Browse and visit the main sites and attraction of the world’s newest country.

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Guidebooks for Serbia Montenegro

Guidebooks for Serbia Montenegro

As promised a review of travel guides for the region.

Travel Guides purchased:

Lonely Planet – Western Balkans £11.19:
Bedrock for many a travellers itinerary. I had so many of these I set up a website to get rid of them.
I found this book useful in that it covers, in some depth, all areas you’re likely to visit.
You will find yourself referring to it for basic information.

Thomas Cook – Serbia & Montenegro £6.99:
More of an accompaniment guide, you’ll not find any practical information in here but there are some good pictures cultural references.
More of a bed book, not too heavy on factual so as to ruin a trip.

In your hands – Serbia £13.29:
More pictures better maps more references and in-depth. This has more information than the other 2 combined.
The thing that lets it down an accommodation section which leaves you to pin point locations yourself 🙁

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Volvo S80

Volvo S80

So here we are in Montenegro.

Laundry duties
I took the weekend off doing some washing. Stayed at the Argosy Hotel, Dubrovnik. A few Brits located there.

Sorted the car out. Now have Volvo S80. It shifts. I had one for the UNESCO blog in Poland. It was the fastest car I’ve driven. 200 klicks at a sneeze and a joy to drive. Here’s a picture.

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Bus trip to Dubrovnik

Bus trip to Dubrovnik

Purchased bus ticket to Dubrovnik. Cost 2,390 Din about €30.

Long Bus Journey
The bus trip took 14 hours. Longer than anticipated.

It had the standard seats, instead of Cama.

South America consists of some pretty eyewatering stretches on the old Bus.

Floarianopolis to San Paulo was 23.
Arica to Valparaiso I think 26 for that one.
Not in that kind of league, but a boring bus journey.

Planes, trains and automobiles.
If you were to do public transport, I’d recommend you’d stick to the railway lines running in Serbia to Montenegro. They are quicker and see a better slot of countryside.

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Near Drina Valley – Serbia

Near Drina Valley – Serbia

My Car
KML: lat – 44.06278 lon – 19.63300

Just in case you’re thinking of doing a blog. I recommend for foriegn hire car; bigger is better.
I had a Mustang in the US. An S-series in Poland and this slightly shady Toyota here.

Towns are easier to find your way round if your car does the talking for you.

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