Guidebooks for Serbia Montenegro

Guidebooks for Serbia Montenegro

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As promised a review of travel guides for the region.

Travel Guides purchased:

Lonely Planet – Western Balkans £11.19:
Bedrock for many a travellers itinerary. I had so many of these I set up a website to get rid of them.
I found this book useful in that it covers, in some depth, all areas you’re likely to visit.
You will find yourself referring to it for basic information.

Thomas Cook – Serbia & Montenegro £6.99:
More of an accompaniment guide, you’ll not find any practical information in here but there are some good pictures cultural references.
More of a bed book, not too heavy on factual so as to ruin a trip.

In your hands – Serbia £13.29:
More pictures better maps more references and in-depth. This has more information than the other 2 combined.
The thing that lets it down an accommodation section which leaves you to pin point locations yourself 🙁

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