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Tyke’s travel tips

Tyke’s travel tips

Tyke tips

Here are some travel tips for those planning a trip to south america.

1- NEVER ARRIVE AT NIGHT – chances are you’ll be making those gruelling 20 hour plus bus journeys, the last thing you want is to be wandering round a strange town with all your stuff at the dead of night.

2- YOU WILL GET ROBBED – depending on your outlook, this may be funny, mildly annoying or a personal tragedy. Keep you passport and sexually integrity intact, these things are more difficult to replace.

3- BRING A RUCKSACK NOT A SUITCASE – it may have handles, but I’m afraid that won’t cut it. Lima doesn’t have a Marriott, holiday inn, motel 8 or McDonald’s. Expect to get sand in your wheels and strange looks.
my advice buy a nice purple rucksack (like mine :)).

4- LEARN TO SPEAK SPANISH – better than waving your arms around, you can make friends and get yourself out of trouble, converse in shops etc. etc.
it costs nothing.

Market place

Market place

What can I say about San Pedro de Sula.

Street market
I was there on a Saturday, street market day.

Much of the southern part of the city area is given to open street trading, which makes for interesting wandering round.

The banks are tied in with Visa/Plus network, making it impossible if you’re using Mastercard.
I had to resort to using the Unibanc forecort machines at Texaco garages.

Great hostel.

Was there on my own bar Irish girl who had $350 her wallet and cards stolen from a market in SA somewhere.

Irish Girl:

“I had just checked my handbag and all the stuff was there, I turned away and then it was gone.
I had been trying to be paranoid, but I guess I had made a mistake and was not paranoid enough.”

There’s a trick to being paranoid, if you’re paranoid you really shouldn’t let other people into your little secret, but rather keep it to yourself.

If you walk around checking your handbag, bag and pockets that you still have your $350 or $500 or whatever – this may be like wearing a big badge saying ROB ME.

Turns out her paranoia gave her away, and she was robbed in a latino market place Iquito, Caracas or somewhere.

Having fun vs Being paranoid
Remeber market places and crowded places are fun but don’t take ALL your money with you when you go.

The Irish girl now has to visit the teller any time she wants to make a withdrawl.

San Pedro de Sula

San Pedro de Sula

Opt for walk into town, backpack and all. This is my first taste of Honduras.

After hunting around found lots of armed guards.

Most establishments have at least one armed guard from Coffee houses and Farmacies to Pizza parlours, anywhere that looks like it’s making money.

Found this hostel.
Girl moaned to me the fact that they were not getting many guests.
I guess life is tough in business hey.

Here’s a picture.

Road to San Pedro de Sula – Honduras

Road to San Pedro de Sula – Honduras


This accident had occured on the Pan-American highway, a connection running from Alaska to southern Chile one of the busiest and most important routes in South America.

Rolled vehicle roofwise and watched Landrover logo disappear into the distance.

Was surprised and sort of proud, in a British way that he was able to do that.
Showing Johnny Foreigner Land Rovers’ world wide credentials as bastion of hard wearing resiliance that used to be the British way.