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Trip to Thailand’s Best Islands

Trip to Thailand’s Best Islands

Have these islands in mind. **Update** (ps. If you have anything to add, pls comment).

I’ll be there for the holidays.

Koh Samui
Koh Samui

Koh Samui

Apparently one of the better islands for an ‘all-round’ experience.

“Back in the days when backpackers to Southeast Asia were first discovering Ko Samui in the 1970s, a basic thatched hut with running water and electricity was considered luxury. Now Ko Samui is home to some of Thailand’s best luxury resorts and in the popularity stakes is surpassed only by Phuket.

With an international airport, a mass of ferry connections and close to 500 hotels and guesthouses, this is not somewhere to come to glimpse a corner of the Thai kingdom untouched by tourism development. One good thing about tourism development on the island is the written law that no building may be taller than the nearest coconut palm; this means that, unlike Phuket, tall apartment blocks and hotels do not ruin the skyline. The highest building is about four storeys high, and bungalow-type accommodation is still the style that is most abundant.” – Travelfish

Koh Lanta - Thailand
Koh Lanta – Thailand

I want to do some diving. I’ve got my PADI Open Water License, which allows me to dive to 20m if I remember right.

It’s pretty close to Koh Tao, which has some of the more popular diving in the area and likes to compare itself to Cairns in terms of licenses issued.

Should be fun way to spend the days.


Nights? Maybe bars or other entertainments. There’s not going to be a shortage of this on Samui. You’ve got various grades of beach to apply to your level late night requirements. I can’t say how I’ll feel when I arrive, but I generally like to be out of the way so I can sleep at night.

I’d like somewhere calm where I can relax and nurse a hangover, and maybe knock out a blog or two. Enjoy a decent meal and be close to the beach.

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Tyke’s travel tips

Tyke’s travel tips

Tyke tips

Here are some travel tips for those planning a trip to south america.

1- NEVER ARRIVE AT NIGHT – chances are you’ll be making those gruelling 20 hour plus bus journeys, the last thing you want is to be wandering round a strange town with all your stuff at the dead of night.

2- YOU WILL GET ROBBED – depending on your outlook, this may be funny, mildly annoying or a personal tragedy. Keep you passport and sexually integrity intact, these things are more difficult to replace.

3- BRING A RUCKSACK NOT A SUITCASE – it may have handles, but I’m afraid that won’t cut it. Lima doesn’t have a Marriott, holiday inn, motel 8 or McDonald’s. Expect to get sand in your wheels and strange looks.
my advice buy a nice purple rucksack (like mine :)).

4- LEARN TO SPEAK SPANISH – better than waving your arms around, you can make friends and get yourself out of trouble, converse in shops etc. etc.
it costs nothing.