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Tyke’s travel tips

Tyke’s travel tips

Tyke tips

Here are some travel tips for those planning a trip to south america.

1- NEVER ARRIVE AT NIGHT – chances are you’ll be making those gruelling 20 hour plus bus journeys, the last thing you want is to be wandering round a strange town with all your stuff at the dead of night.

2- YOU WILL GET ROBBED – depending on your outlook, this may be funny, mildly annoying or a personal tragedy. Keep you passport and sexually integrity intact, these things are more difficult to replace.

3- BRING A RUCKSACK NOT A SUITCASE – it may have handles, but I’m afraid that won’t cut it. Lima doesn’t have a Marriott, holiday inn, motel 8 or McDonald’s. Expect to get sand in your wheels and strange looks.
my advice buy a nice purple rucksack (like mine :)).

4- LEARN TO SPEAK SPANISH – better than waving your arms around, you can make friends and get yourself out of trouble, converse in shops etc. etc.
it costs nothing.



Today is the day.

I’m going to Rio Gallegos.

For those who haven’t been or read my previous posts I have a picture to stir your interest in this port of call.

Tundra and desert run a pretty close race but I think tundra takes it in the end.

By numbing and destroying those parts of my brain which wish to live I have forfeited the torment sacrificing nimby or cash in exchange for a quick and easy death.

Death not for me you understand, but rather a passing away, away 2,000 odd kilometres.

In this sombre mood I offer up this picture in memory.

May this and many more like it pass with quick easieness.

Punta Arenas

Punta Arenas

Spent another night in boring Punta Arenas.

Attempt to visit museum and get ripped off by taxi driver.

Museum is closed but they let me in anyhow.

Must have taken pitty on me after my taxi driver incident.

Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine represents a trekkers utopia: Glaciated mountains, lots of wildlife and few people, plus the danger of cold, damp musty mornings, lengthly treks and horrific semi-polar conditions to boot.

A unique and heady mix bringing climbers, trekkers, mountain bikers and hairy slacker types from all around the planet.

San Martin los Andes

San Martin los Andes

An almost eventfull bus journey and arrival @ what they call SM los Andes.

Meet Belgian girl off bus.

Fall asleep watching Michael Jackson documentary & miss dinner date.

Next day she leaves early.