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Tyke’s travel tips

Tyke’s travel tips

Tyke tips

Here are some travel tips for those planning a trip to south america.

1- NEVER ARRIVE AT NIGHT – chances are you’ll be making those gruelling 20 hour plus bus journeys, the last thing you want is to be wandering round a strange town with all your stuff at the dead of night.

2- YOU WILL GET ROBBED – depending on your outlook, this may be funny, mildly annoying or a personal tragedy. Keep you passport and sexually integrity intact, these things are more difficult to replace.

3- BRING A RUCKSACK NOT A SUITCASE – it may have handles, but I’m afraid that won’t cut it. Lima doesn’t have a Marriott, holiday inn, motel 8 or McDonald’s. Expect to get sand in your wheels and strange looks.
my advice buy a nice purple rucksack (like mine :)).

4- LEARN TO SPEAK SPANISH – better than waving your arms around, you can make friends and get yourself out of trouble, converse in shops etc. etc.
it costs nothing.

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Passing into Brasil

Passing into Brasil

Have taken this picture at the customs office as we are passing from Argentina through to Brasil.

It’s a mural, pieces of work by school children in a kind of star arrangement.

Don’t know what it means.

Spose thats the idea.

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Met this kiddy in the mudbath in Pucon who told me the best place in Brazil was Florianopolis.

Having reached the ticket desks @ BA and not having any other source apart from WOM from a German I met in a Mudbath in Pucon, I pass onto the bus for Florianopolis.

I’m told this is a good place to hang out.

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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Am not going to stay in BA.

Tommorrow > Florainopolis in Brasil.

This is a lengthly journey, some 27 hours.

I know there’s so many other great places in Argentina Baraloche, Mendoza also BA etc. The weather is changing, it’s more or less winter down here.
I didn’t travel half way around the globe to be cold and wet.

I can do that in the UK.

Brasil has the sunny climbs which I seek.

Some other day maybe I’ll visit those approved gringo haunts and bring the bloggage to you.

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