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Museo fin del Mundo

Museo fin del Mundo

This means museum at the end of the world. Fin del Mundo.

Many things lie in this museum, some are quite fascinating (im not kidding).

Many ships and planes have crashed here and stories of savage seas, freezing weather and inhospitable locals adorn the walls.

One of the biggest ship sinkages involved a passenger steamer with 1,500 Europeans mostly Germans (surprise, surprise).

This was more than the whole population of Ushuaia at that time (C.1915).

Stranded people had to lodge with famalies in Ushuaia,
1,500 of them to 836 locals.

The captain was the only one who died.

He was unable to escape in time, rooting for papers apparently, heavy smoker dont yer know.

This and many other exciting stories are there to behold in the Museo fin del Mundo.

Well worth the money.

Tren Fin del Mundo

Tren Fin del Mundo

Being a geeekish time waster type, I decided to give this train a go.

Originally used to carry passengers to a remote part of Patagonia it was closed down some time in the 19th C and recently re-opened for the purposes of tourism.

It moves very slowly and is quite boring.

The piped commentary tells of prisoners, harsh conditions, prisoners and beavers building damns.

The most exciting thing is the

Petrified forest
A petrified forest remains intact forming a vast plain where prisoners felled trees for fuel and rails (the railway used to have wooden tracks).

Frozen stumps are interspersed with wild horses mountains and mountain streams.

It is freezing cold.

This is a picture of the train.


Thats made it more exciting.

Irizar Beer – The Southernmost BEEr in the WORLD

Irizar Beer – The Southernmost BEEr in the WORLD

Yes and its not sponsored by coke (yet).

Groovey cause you can peel the labels of and stick them to things, like you used to with Becks.

Labelling technology has obviously not caught up down here.

The beer tastes fantastic, which obviously is the most important factor.
Its called Irizar of Ushuaia, the southernmost beer in the world.

Aquarium Ushuaia

Aquarium Ushuaia

If you take the Beagle Channel on a ship called the Barracuda, they let you in an aquarium miles out of town free of charge.

It is good so bother going. It may be miles out of town.

I saw this dog on the way.

Looks like Coojo.

It had no mates. I felt a bit sorry for it.

Always remember
Watch the coffee machine, the lack of supervision coupled non automated cup dispersion may be a bad experience leading to loss of coffee/money+irritation.

Seals in the Beagle Channel

Seals in the Beagle Channel

These seals pop up like, all around the boat and follow you up the Beagle Channel which is particularly cold and dangerous.

Even the lighthouse is deserted.

You will see many of these blighters in Ushuaia.

Dominant tops
Higher seals are bigger seals, the mini ones hang around the bottom where the big guys can keep an eye on them.

Ushuaia first Impressions

Ushuaia first Impressions

Are fantastic.

Massive snowcapped mountains tower over.

There are more mountains here, it’s awe insipring, no doubt about it.

Ushuaia Town
“There is no other place in nature that causes more savage or terrifying sights than this…”
– James Cook (International Explorer) 1768

It doesn’t say that in the Lonely Planet guide.

But things you should know:

Ushusaia is cold
Ushusaia is the southernmost city in the world
Ushusaia is full of eskimos
I’ve been there

That’s enough information to satisfy your curiousity for now..

Here’s some pictures.


Beer and a dead crab.