Museo fin del Mundo

Museo fin del Mundo

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This means museum at the end of the world. Fin del Mundo.

Many things lie in this museum, some are quite fascinating (im not kidding).

Many ships and planes have crashed here and stories of savage seas, freezing weather and inhospitable locals adorn the walls.

One of the biggest ship sinkages involved a passenger steamer with 1,500 Europeans mostly Germans (surprise, surprise).

This was more than the whole population of Ushuaia at that time (C.1915).

Stranded people had to lodge with famalies in Ushuaia,
1,500 of them to 836 locals.

The captain was the only one who died.

He was unable to escape in time, rooting for papers apparently, heavy smoker dont yer know.

This and many other exciting stories are there to behold in the Museo fin del Mundo.

Well worth the money.

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