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Cost of a visit to Amsterdam

Cost of a visit to Amsterdam

I am home now.

These are the costs involved with my trip to Amsterdam.

Flights – Jet2 single £19
Accommodation – 3 nights in Cosa Rosa €135.80
Cost of cigarrettes – €4.50 for 20
Cost of beer – €2.50
Entry to club – €10 with free drink
Entry to sex club – €45 with 4 drinks
Piece of Pizza – €2.90
Tram ticket – €1.60

All these things you can buy in Amsterdam.

The museums I visited cost the following:-

Heineken Museum – €5
Torture Musuem – €5
Hash Museum – €5

It’s not expensive.
I spent less than €400 in 5 days.

Casa Rosa Amsterdam

Casa Rosa Amsterdam

Casa Rosa

Yes, it’s probably the most famous sex show club in the Damm, with a penis fountain out front.
Harmless mixed xrowd make it feel a bit like a comedy night.

Spectacles include-
Girl blowing smoke rings through her badger.
Wanking monkey.
Various creeds – fucking couples, blonds, blacks, more blacks.

The couples sat on a giant rotating saucer.

Now this may sound really lame, but it wasn’t (honest), and it was pretty much the same as any other comedy night I’ve been to.



For those Americans reading, this is what real weed looks like.

White widow

With the European stuff, you have to mix it up with tobacco or you’ll fall off your stool.

Tyke tips

  • Start with the short stuff and work your way up.
  • Ask the barman/maid’s advise.
  • Getting too stoned is like getting too drunk.
  • If you’re going to drink and get stoned, drink first then get stoned, that way you won’t get sphinctal release.:)
Torture museum

Torture museum

Forgot all about the torture Museum.

I have pictured the fascinating torture relics below.

torture-weapon the saw
For sawing flesh.

torture table
Pinball for the coxics.

the best forms of torture
I’m not sure what torture this is, how it works or what the girls name was.

Goodbye torture
I was wondering what happened to torture, it’s definitely been popular in the past..

Big crowds used to gather to watch the fool in the stocks, whilst the crowd pelted him with fruit and rotten insults.

Some tortures where really bad, like putting people in chairs with nails and bits of plastic then melting the plastic whilst the nails heated up like syringes, filling the flesh with a hot plasticky, drippy substance.

All in the past
I’m certain this happened in the past, but the world is a happier place, now we have no part in torture, and we loath those individuals that perpetrate it.

I guess that the wars made sure everyone played fair, with the Geneva convention and what-not.

Yes, it may be the public face and curiosity with torture has truly disappeared into a bygone era, and the publics fascination with cruelty has disappeared.

That’s what Museums are about, finding out about something, stimulating thoughts and wanting to know more.

And if you are in Amsterdam, be sure to visit the torture museum, it’s great.

Out of time

Out of time

Spent most of the day travelling between, reading small pocketsized maps and visiting the museums below.

Took some time to buy some low-grade score from a reputable source and called it a day.