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For those Americans reading, this is what real weed looks like.

White widow

With the European stuff, you have to mix it up with tobacco or you’ll fall off your stool.

Tyke tips

  • Start with the short stuff and work your way up.
  • Ask the barman/maid’s advise.
  • Getting too stoned is like getting too drunk.
  • If you’re going to drink and get stoned, drink first then get stoned, that way you won’t get sphinctal release.:)

11 thoughts on “Real

  1. European weed is the same as US weed. By this point everybody knows what the best genetics are and all the very best weed is of similar awesome quality. Mixing tobacco with weed is just fucking stupid so thats why it is not done much in the US. If you want to add nicotine buzz to weed just roll a blunt. Euro bitches can’t hang with US stoners guaranteed so stop running your fucking mouth.

  2. I’ve smoked in the states and I’ve smoked in the Damm.

    Anyone who thinks that there gonna find more drugs of a better quality than you can in the damn needs to get a grip.

  3. if damm has better pot than us…that’s not it!

    i’m sure they have some crazy shit out there, but i GUARANTEE this widow i’m toking is better than those beasters you got there : )

    ATL represent

  4. you are a fucking noob, europeans smoke spliffs (weed for pussies) while we Americans smoke from bongs, blunts and pipes NO TABACCO. There are nothing but skinny pale white people in europe, it is pretty obvious you guys dont get out

  5. buddy u aint been to cali if u think that shit..come to the bay area and check out the shit here..then ull know whats up

  6. Actually, if you qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in the USA, you can go to a clinic and buy herb just as dank, if not even more dank, than some of the weed you’ll find in Amsterdam. You can also grow a large quality of plants too with a medical card. Remember, more cannabis cup winning strains have come from the US of A rather than Europe (but I still want to make the trip to Amsterdam 🙂 )

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