Irizar Beer – The Southernmost BEEr in the WORLD

Irizar Beer – The Southernmost BEEr in the WORLD

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Yes and its not sponsored by coke (yet).

Groovey cause you can peel the labels of and stick them to things, like you used to with Becks.

Labelling technology has obviously not caught up down here.

The beer tastes fantastic, which obviously is the most important factor.
Its called Irizar of Ushuaia, the southernmost beer in the world.

3 thoughts on “Irizar Beer – The Southernmost BEEr in the WORLD

  1. did you try the other beers brewed in Ushuaia? draught Hain surprised me, and they claim to be the Southernmost beer in UShuaia! now that’s a thought!

  2. Rushing in your headlong motion for the motif, claiming to be Beer of the South, the barman doubtlessly noted your enthusiasm and provided you with what you wanted.
    It was bad advice and you got done.
    Be careful what you buy in future, don’t be in a rush to get where you’re going, just enjoy the journey and absorb the experience.

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