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Fishing in Luijiang River

Fishing in Luijiang River

Couple reap the benefits of nice Chinese river….

They’re fishing for winkles. There are many waterways in and around Kunshan. I guess the people still like the traditional foods.

Personally, I’m a little skeptical about goods emanating from this fine waterway. Especially bottom feeders like the old winkle. I’m aware of what goes into this river. The odd pig, and whatnot. Maybe a chicken or two. I think I even saw a poo floating in there the other day…

Maybe I should let these people know.

What do you think?

Mark a Miracle

Mark a Miracle

Yes that’s right, Mark a miracle.

I’ve seen this one before.

St. Helier 1999, the Total Solar Ecilpse. A true miracle, a perfect circle of pure blue sky appeared cutting through the clouds obscuring the eclipse from our view.

Anyone on Jersey that day can testify to the event.

Cloud or Trial?

This one looks almost as bombastic and almost as well timed. Amazing.

I’ll let you make up your own minds.

Wow – Is it a Miracle!!

Mark a miracle, find it on the map!

Port Said

Port Said

KML 31.263 32.314

Or port Sa  id as it is pronounced.

Sports the Mediterranean entrance to the world most lucrative stretch of water. The Suez canal.

Port Said is supported by a mixture of naval tradition and cruise ships which stop off.

Part of my journey is made along the canal which offered better views of the massive ships than I was expecting in Port Said.

Suez Canal


After some time travelling round sunesta and hotmellia couldn’t be bothered looking any further, and went for an Egyptian job costing $30. No Internet connection, hence no blogs for a couple of days.


There isn’t much by way of tourism, but what is to be seen is easily taken in with one of the guides horse and carriage tours which last about 1 hr.

egypt-IMG_0964.JPG copy

This took me to the bazar, past the military museum, which was closed, past the chapel of st. Eustice and a couple of mosques.

Here are a couple of shots of town to give you the idea.

Lighthouse, Port Sa-id

War Memorial, Port Sa-id

Caddilac, Port Sa-id

I would say Port Said would be worth visiting as a stop-off point.

If you want to see the ships, stick to the desert south of Said.



I asked the concierge to make my bed up the same as he did yesterday and here’s what they managed.

Looks like the oarsman from the Styx.

Perhaps if I throw a couple of coins at him, he’ll row me to some alternative reality.
Next time I go to sleep.

Sweet dreams.