Fishing in Luijiang River

Fishing in Luijiang River

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Couple reap the benefits of nice Chinese river….

They’re fishing for winkles. There are many waterways in and around Kunshan. I guess the people still like the traditional foods.

Personally, I’m a little skeptical about goods emanating from this fine waterway. Especially bottom feeders like the old winkle. I’m aware of what goes into this river. The odd pig, and whatnot. Maybe a chicken or two. I think I even saw a poo floating in there the other day…

Maybe I should let these people know.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Fishing in Luijiang River

  1. What’s getting in to you !!! Pigs and poo float on the surface. Winkles keep their heads down. Safe as houses.

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