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World Press Freedom Index

World Press Freedom Index

May 3rd marks the global survey on press freedom, something that I picked up on a couple of years ago.

They’ve produced this rather nice map.

Press Freedom Map
Press Freedom Map – 2016

Here’s the map as it stands last year.

You can read more about press freedom on their website.

[su_pullquote align=”right”]Global press freedom declined to its lowest point in 13 years in 2016 amid unprecedented threats to journalists and media outlets in major democracies and new moves by authoritarian states to control the media, including beyond their borders.[/su_pullquote]

Censorship is another indicator of declining press freedom, and governments and other actors are finding new ways to promote repression, many of which compromise the necessity of an open internet. The CPJ analyzes countries to determine their status using a series of benchmarks, including:

  • the absence of privately owned or independent media,
  • blocking of websites,
  • restrictions on electronic recording and dissemination,
  • license requirements to conduct journalism,
  • restrictions on journalists’ movements,
  • monitoring of journalists by authorities,
  • jamming of foreign broadcasts, and
  • blocking of foreign correspondents.

The resulting list of the 10 Most Censored Countries includes Eritrea, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Iran, China, Myanmar, and Cuba.


Donald Trump – Puppet masters, Parody to victory, and the march to nationalism

Donald Trump – Puppet masters, Parody to victory, and the march to nationalism

I know I’m not the greatest fan of politics, but it seems to me, Trump with all his lying and making up ludicrous pre-election pledges, is no different to any other politician.


Trump is without the NWO, the media, (who ignored the fact that Hillary had rigged the primaries and wasn’t the democrat elect in the first place), and the political establishment.

It doesn’t make me feel uneasy.

Having the same establishment figures, groomed in the media headlights then duly elected for as long as we can remember, how is that a good thing?

I’d say this is a grand opportunity for the American people to move forward in a new and progressive direction.

Chasing the mercury

It seems the power of the electorate is moving away from corrupt, liberal PC types towards an xenophobic nationalist base.

It’s actually the electorate that’s changed. The people.

I’d suggest this is a trend that’s going to be echoed throughout Europe. Far right groups, such as Le-Pen in France, and the far right nationalists in Germany.

The UK with Brexit.

Now the largest power block in the world, the United States.

Russian and China are already there.

“We are the godmakers” – NWO

The current elected ‘god’ figure, a puppet master if you like, channels a prevailing philosophy.

They elected a new one who’s a nationalist xenophobe. Who’s not very friendly with Jews and their globalist vision, but a believer in nationhood.

A Russian perhaps…. I’m sure plenty of people are familiar with him. And his replacement, the little man with the paedophilic connections, so high up in the British establishment. Some people are familiar with him…

These two people have swapped. Now, I believe this is playing out in the wider arena through a change and the adoption and swapping around of the various thought patterns of the two puppet masters.

Population problem

I believe the NWO always said that the population was far too high. I remember actually watching this on the news. They were always planning on ways to bring the numbers down.

Actually on the national news.

Trump Is What Happens When You Nominate A Cheater and Live In An Echo Chamber—Please Learn From This

Did you read Wikileaks?

Well, you should have.

The “conspiracies” were true, and the mainstream media lied to you to about everything.

Wikileaks was not Russian propaganda, it was the news.

Wikileaks has a 10-year record of never releasing a single falsified document, and is not connected to Russia. Everything they released were the actual e-mails of Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff. You had the opportunity to look through a window into the Hillary Clinton campaign, but you didn’t.

By ignoring the leaks, you ignored reality.

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US Presidential elections 2016

US Presidential elections 2016

Trump has been buying politicians like Hilary Clinton off for as long as he’s been around.

It’s kind of the tail wagging the dog voting for Clinton over Trump. Big corporate runs America, (along with the CIA and it’s secret ops).

They now have an ex-CIA personage running.

Cover both bases, why not….

Corporate America vs Congress America

I don’t see how a US politician can beat the public face of corporatism, surely it goes against the order of things and how Stateside people see it…

Correct me if you think I’m wrong…

Fight Dirty
Fight Dirty

Anyway, I’m sure the gloves will come off, and it’ll be a dirty fight.

My money’s on Clinton.


** 9th November, 2016


Did I say CLinton?


So the old guard has fallen. And about time.

Their hate filled, backward looking, fake liberal, mawkish, underling mentality can die with them.



Why can’t the media tell the truth about the killings in America?

2 Steps from war…

That’s a country that’s always been on the edge, I don’t care what anyone says, and I believe Ice T once said it, “the right to bear arms was the last defence against tyranny, to protect yourself against the police”.

Funny thing is, I think the UK is lining it’s self up along similar lines…


Now don’t get me wrong, I was a supporter of Euroburp until the banking crisis hit…


It’s funny how the the largest federal authority, (by population), of those affected by the crisis was not willing to take ANY action against the perpetrators, (banks).

  • They were not willing to instigate any large scale investigations.
  • They weren’t willing to instigate CRIMINAL investigations.
  • They were not willing to prosecute in the name of breached EU regulations.

Rules, what rules?

Where rules are broken, it’s punishment follows…

That’s what rules are all about right?

Well here’s another set of rules….

“I am like God, and God like me. I am as large as God, He is as small as I. He cannot above me, nor I beneath Him be.” Silesius, 17th Century.

Which basically means, each man is onto god.

Especially true in the US, where they are much more religious.

Also, as racial tension goes, they’ve had a civil war on the pretext of racial discrimination. Some say, they have never got over it.

Europe is not the same.


Lifting the lid on Washington Politics

Lifting the lid on Washington Politics

Self serving, self interested, self absorbed.

That’s how we should view the American public, just a bunch of sheep in search of instant gratification.

That’s how the politicians see it, and we all know it’s true…. to a certain extent.

This book threatens to lift the lid on American democracy and what it’s become.

It’s released by self publishing house Mill City Press, Minnesota.

Article below.

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