US Presidential elections 2016

US Presidential elections 2016

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Trump has been buying politicians like Hilary Clinton off for as long as he’s been around.

It’s kind of the tail wagging the dog voting for Clinton over Trump. Big corporate runs America, (along with the CIA and it’s secret ops).

They now have an ex-CIA personage running.

Cover both bases, why not….

Corporate America vs Congress America

I don’t see how a US politician can beat the public face of corporatism, surely it goes against the order of things and how Stateside people see it…

Correct me if you think I’m wrong…

Fight Dirty
Fight Dirty

Anyway, I’m sure the gloves will come off, and it’ll be a dirty fight.

My money’s on Clinton.


** 9th November, 2016


Did I say CLinton?


So the old guard has fallen. And about time.

Their hate filled, backward looking, fake liberal, mawkish, underling mentality can die with them.

2 thoughts on “US Presidential elections 2016

    1. It’s just a move from neo-liberalism, globalist to xenophobic nationalist.
      I can’t see any future for the globalists now.
      Who is better or worse, morally or otherwise is kind of moot. After the banking debacle, the notion of moralism is just that.

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