Çanakkale to Altınoluk

Çanakkale to Altınoluk

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When I was looking at the roads on Google maps, they all looked so level. Nothing spectacular to see on ‘terrain’ view.

The reality was it was 4 hours climbing, 1 and a bit hours down hill at the end.

As some consolation, the wind was behind me on the climbs. By the time I had reached the coast, it had switched direction. Still. You don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

I’m holed up in my hotel now which seems pretty new. It’s not a great big chain, but having been here a couple of hours, it seems pretty functional.

My hotel in Altınoluk


There’s quite a lot of beaches here now, all of a sudden as we have hit the Aegean. With the beaches come beach front bars and eateries, many of which have failed and fallen derelict. Others just mothballed for the winter with workers busy bringing back to life.


I’ll have a look at the accommodation. I’m suspecting that I’ll make it two easy days rather than one hectic one if I possibly can. I’ve got a little sunburn.

There’s really nothing to be gained by rushing around. We’ll see what the accommodation turns up.

One thought on “Çanakkale to Altınoluk

  1. A good day by the sound of it and a pleasant one too..beach bars and cafes make for interesting observations and rather a delicious drink or two

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