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Day: 15 April 2024

Moving on

Moving on

From here.

I’ve sorted my boat out, as much as I can.
I’ve sorted my teeth out, as much as I can.

The flooding rivers, (Thames and Cherwell), are finally abating (a little), although the Thames is still on red boards as I write this.

It’s time to move.

Here’s an update on some of the things that have been going on over the last 2 weeks.

Easter in Gloucester

Did a little tour of my relatives for the holiday period.

Went to visit sister in Gloucestershire for bank holiday Monday.

Due to the wetness of the environment, the usual bank holiday walk in the country wasn’t possible. Instead we took a look around the Cathedral at Gloucester.

Here there was no danger in getting covered in mud, or rained on, falling over or damaging or embarrassing yourself or causing damage or injury to your person. These things being the main consideration when walking in hills or valleys in the current climate. These are waterlogged and the paths deep in mud.

Gloucester Cathedral
Gloucester Cathedral

As you can see, there’s no mud here. It’s not even raining!

Gloucester Cathedral
Gloucester Cathedral

Prefer the walk in the country, but sometimes that just ain’t possible.

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