Moving on

Moving on

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I’ve sorted my boat out, as much as I can.
I’ve sorted my teeth out, as much as I can.

The flooding rivers, (Thames and Cherwell), are finally abating (a little), although the Thames is still on red boards as I write this.

It’s time to move.

Here’s an update on some of the things that have been going on over the last 2 weeks.

Easter in Gloucester

Did a little tour of my relatives for the holiday period.

Went to visit sister in Gloucestershire for bank holiday Monday.

Due to the wetness of the environment, the usual bank holiday walk in the country wasn’t possible. Instead we took a look around the Cathedral at Gloucester.

Here there was no danger in getting covered in mud, or rained on, falling over or damaging or embarrassing yourself or causing damage or injury to your person. These things being the main consideration when walking in hills or valleys in the current climate. These are waterlogged and the paths deep in mud.

Gloucester Cathedral
Gloucester Cathedral

As you can see, there’s no mud here. It’s not even raining!

Gloucester Cathedral
Gloucester Cathedral

Prefer the walk in the country, but sometimes that just ain’t possible.

Had a little walk around the town area and went to a Korean restaurant for lunch. Restaurant would be a bit strong. It felt a bit like a dark kitchen what with the number of deliveroo drivers coming and going.


Here’s some more pictures from Gloucester .

Nu shooze

I’ve been exhaustively searching for a new pair of waterproof walking footwear suitable for life on the towpath.

Invariably this involves mud and dampness. Slippery surfaces.

I had a pair of Peter Storm boots. They said they were waterproof ‘on the tin’, as it were, turns out they weren’t even close. This is a bit of a thing for these hiking boot manufacturers. They say they’ve developed their own waterproof system. When you walk through a field of damp grass, your feet end up sodden.

I had some Quechuan from Decathlon, their ‘own brand’, claiming to be waterproof. When I walked down the long, and sometimes damp grass of the towpath, they offered little resistance to stop my feet becoming wet. I told the customer service assistant this, she said there was little chance of getting my money back or a replacement.

The Peter Storm were the same, their own brand of ‘waterproofing’. Leaked in a similar way, although with the Storm’s, it was only your toes which would get wet.

Theses are Gore-tex, which is a recognised water resistant fabric.

Not muddy Terrex
Not muddy Terrex

Walking in Wytham

To test these boots out, get some fresh air and see if spring had arrived, I decided to go for a walk.

Wytham Woods were donated to the University of Oxford by Colonel Raymond ffennell in 1942
Wytham Woods were donated to the University of Oxford by Colonel Raymond ffennell in 1942

Overlooking the Thames, it’s sometimes known as ‘pink hill’ due to the hue of the fauna at certain times of the year.

It certainly was mucky, and my boots got a good old work out. Puddles, mud, puddles of mud. Even little streams of river, I stood in them all!

Adidas Terrex - 2024
Muddy Terrex

I can attest that my feet were entirely dry at the end of the expedition, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Here’s some pictures from Wytham Woods.

Wytham Woods
Wytham Woods
Wytham Woods
Wytham Woods
Logs in Wytham Woods
Logs in Wytham Woods
Michael Tyler in the woods - Wytham Woods, Oxfordshire
Sometimes known as ‘Pink Hill’, me next to Wytham Woods challet.

As you can see, for once, the sun is out!

Swinford Toll Bridge
Swinford Toll Bridge

This is the toll bridge, Swinham, over the Thames. To cross it cost 20p. Bring some change!

National trust - Weird walk
Don’t know where you’re going, try one of these! Weird walk

Moved Bonnie

Decided to turn Bonnie around ready for my trip up north at the end of the week. Had the gas man in last week and all her problems are sorted.

Bonnie at Kidlington Green Lock
Bonnie at Kidlington Green Lock

I go away on Saturday. I’ve taken a day off work next Friday to move her up.

She’s now facing in the right direction.

Here she is getting ready to go down the locks.

Cycling in Turkey

Next week I’ll be in Istanbul for few days, after that, I’ll be cycling around Turkey for the next month as it takes me.

Until then.

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  1. I know what you mean about waterproof. Glad you found a good pair of waterproof boots. It’s wonderful Bonnie is Bonnie again. xx

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