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VOD: Turkish Parliament Brawl

VOD: Turkish Parliament Brawl

First the Japanese were at it, now it’s Turkey.

In the seat of power, where dialogue and reasoned argument are king, we have this video of a fist-fight.

Turkey gets stirred up

According to the article, there had been one the previous week concerning the draft of the European Union refugees bill.

If that stirred the Turks up, than this has done more.

Apparently, the Turks are attempting to draft in some draconian laws at present, similar to an autocracy with Erdogan as it’s head.

If that happens, the Kurds within the country have openly said that they will join the opposing side in overthrowing the government and seeking autonomy for themselves.

I suspect this is starting to play itself out in the Turkish houses of parliament.

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Trump: The face of US Authoritarianism

Trump: The face of US Authoritarianism

Make America great againIn the 1990’s, a political scientist named Stanley Feldman developed a set of four very simple questions to related to parenting to test the level of authoritarianism.

  1. Please tell me which one you think is more important for a child to have: independence or respect for elders?
  2. Please tell me which one you think is more important for a child to have: obedience or self-reliance?
  3. Please tell me which one you think is more important for a child to have: to be considerate or to be well-behaved?
  4. Please tell me which one you think is more important for a child to have: curiosity or good manners?

The success of the test in pin-pointing inherent beliefs indicative of an authoritarian character trait was enough to mark an industry standard.

These tests and similar have been carried out on voters in the United States, with some interesting results.

If not unsurprising, it does quantify what some have been saying all along.

Here is the evidence. Taken from vox media


The rise of American authoritarianism

A niche group of political scientists may have uncovered what’s driving Donald Trump’s ascent. What they found has implications that go well beyond 2016.

The American media, over the past year, has been trying to work out something of a mystery: Why is the Republican electorate supporting a far-right, orange-toned populist with no real political experience, who espouses extreme and often bizarre views? How has Donald Trump, seemingly out of nowhere, suddenly become so popular?

What’s made Trump’s rise even more puzzling is that his support seems to cross demographic lines — education, income, age, even religiosity — that usually demarcate candidates. And whereas most Republican candidates might draw strong support from just one segment of the party base, such as Southern evangelicals or coastal moderates, Trump currently does surprisingly well from the Gulf Coast of Florida to the towns of upstate New York, and he won a resounding victory in the Nevada caucuses.

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About Donald Trump

About Donald Trump

About Donald Trump

Anyone that swears fealty to the dollar and people claim is not part of the establishment.

This is a con.

The dollar IS the establishment in the US. – Please get a grip conspiracy nuts who are touting this candidate as somehow ‘separate’ from the ruling powers.

For example.

He’s not an innovator.

Donald Trump has created nothing new or unique. He’s speculated using his fathers capital, and been rubbing shoulders with the rich and privileged in the US from a very early age.

It’s been a hard working American that’s done it…

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Four in ten newly qualified teachers quit within the 1st year.

Four in ten newly qualified teachers quit within the 1st year.

Being a teacher, I turned up this stat just the other day on a recruitment site for assaid ‘support teachers’ mentioned in the article below.

Figures disclosed showed that only 62 per cent were still in teaching a year after gaining their Qualified Teacher Status

Almost four out of ten teachers are no longer in the classroom a year after qualifying, a teachers’ conference heard yesterday.

Figures disclosed at the Association of Teachers and Lecturers conference in Liverpool yesterday showed that only 62 per cent were still in teaching a year after gaining their Qualified Teacher Status.

The figures, based on an analysis of Department for Education data, also showed that the number who complete their training but never enter the classroom has tripled in six years – from 3,600 in 2006 to 10,800 in 2011.

The cost to the taxpayer of training them is estimated to be just under £1 billion.

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How much is your PM/Pres. paid?

How much is your PM/Pres. paid?

World Leader Pay Infographic

Earlier this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he and almost everyone working for him would take a 10% pay cut because of mounting economic sanctions imposed on his country.

Whether Putin and his staff will actually feel the slash in their salaries is debatable, considering Putin says he is unaware of the amount printed on his paychecks. “Frankly, I don’t even know my own salary; they just give it to me, and I put it away in my account,” he reportedly said to a group of reporters during his annual Q&A session in December.

Putin’s official salary is chump change compared with that of a prime minister of an island nation smaller than New York City.

Singapore’s Lee Hsien Loong earns 12 1/2 times as much as Putin at a whooping $1.7 million. Loong’s salary is large enough to pay for the combined salaries of the leaders of India, Brazil, Italy, Russia, France, Turkey, Japan, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Germany.

Loong’s Singapore is also the world’s most expensive city for a second year in a row, according to The Economist’s bi-annual Worldwide Cost of Living report.


Life behind the great firewall of China: VPN in China

Life behind the great firewall of China: VPN in China

Update China internet – January 2015

As of 1st January 2015, the Chinese government further tightened it’s grip on the nation’s internet access.
A rude awakening for many expats hoping to get on the ‘net – nothing worked.

Things have calmed down a little, but the fall-out is as follows:-

1) All foreign sites are throttled.

Regardless of CDN’s, font-libraries, supplementary elements, platforms etc.; foreign sites are subjected to government level ‘throttling’.

2) Mobile VPN’s don’t work.

Astrill, one of China’s largest VPN’s – no longer able to support mobile VPN access.
Hidemyass, the VPN I use, connection is intermittent at best.

This thread on Shaghai expat reports, some are experiencing more luck than others, depending on what VPN you subscribe to.

China’s Internet access – Life behind the great firewall

Since May of last year, when the troubles in Hong Kong first erupted, the Chinese government has been changing the way the internet works inLife behind the great firewall of China China.

We’re all aware of the ‘great wall of China’, the system by which China monitors and prevents sites it doesn’t wish it’s residents to view.

Previously, this would have been Facebook, Twitter, certain searches or selected content would be blocked.

Also Youtube.

Not really a massive problem, you could still update your phone, look at maps and do a quick translation. At home, sites were slow to download, but acceptable.

Since May 2014, that’s all changed

China internet restrictions since May 2014

The following sites have been blocked wholesale.

Twitter, Facebook, Google (all sites), Soundcloud, Instagram.

New York Times, Bloomberg, selected international Wikipedia pages, Wikileaks, BBC news and radio.

Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, iStockPhoto.

Flickr, and most VPN sites.

China now throttles all foreign websites

Something the government does now is ‘throttle‘ foreign websites. ‘Throttle‘ it, makes elements ‘timeout’ and leaving you with an improperly rendered and unreadable page.

This maybe due to font libraries, or CDN (content distribution networks), such as Google font libraries or Edgecast respectively.

Many sites access these services to serve content in a more efficient manner. When this content is blocked, the whole site fails to work.

As a foreign speaking resident, this causes you problems.

The only way to get around this is –

China VPN

There are a number of companies offering VPN, or Virtual Private Network services

**A VPN is a protocol executed to access the internet through a tunnel, a tunnel where your real IP address and location is never revealed.

to get round these restrictions, and be able to go on the websites and access the services you would at home.

I won’t trawl through them, there are sites which tell you how much and the relative features etc.

I picked the one with the largest network of servers. Hide My Ass!

It’s got services in Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

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