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Wind turbines

Death windmill cancer zombies

Close to the lost village. Apparently lost during the time of the black death. As so much of the population was destroyed at this time, many small villages ceased to exist. Their residents turned into zombies. Muscottities still haunt the hills and dales near the M1. I even heard it was them that put up the windmills…. Although that could be ‘fake news’… Windmills cause cancer… We all know that…

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List of dead bankers 2020 – conspiracy update

List of dead bankers 2020 – conspiracy update

**Update January 2020

Nuno Ribeiro da Cunha, banker to Africa’s richest woman is found dead at his south Lisbon holiday home.

**Update August/September/November 2019

A few high profile ‘suicides‘ to add to the list.

**Update March/April 2018

Changed the dates and included some more up-to-date references for the banker deaths. New deaths added.

**Update October 2017

There was a number of deaths in 2017, most of them I picked up second hand. As I’ve said before, I try to stick to the main players.
I’ve added the deaths for this year to the list.

**Update October 2016

Yep. The list keeps growing. Just focusing on major players, or cases where ‘foul-play’ may be involved. I’ve done a little research into the causes of all these bankers dying, which can be found at the bottom of the article.

Having had to spend too much time on youtube recently, has led to the accumulation of the latest and most credible conspiracy theories.

Perhaps the most interesting, is the demise of the common-or-garden ‘master of the universe’. Banker, as they were once known.
They’ve been having problems with mortality recently.
And there’s a very long list of them.

“Everyone is expendable”

 I remember this guy telling me a story about the Porton Down scientists in the 70’s, and how they all went missing or died, after conducting a lot of ‘hush hush’ experiments.

I was perhaps 26 at the time. Youngster.

Also, David Kelly, our ‘Walter Mitty’ style friend the nuclear inspector who blew the whistle on the ‘dodgy dossier’, and, ironically said he’d end up dead in the woods.

3 weeks later he was found dead in the woods…..

These bankers are no different.

If any one of them decides to have an attack of conscience, the whole NWO and shitty gravy train could come off the railsBanker dies on railings.

China’s economy is the final dollop of shit heading toward the fan.

Today they announced that they were experiencing the slowest level of growth in 25 years

So here’s the list.

(Photo By Dennis Gill 07926643703 Suicide Marylebone guy falls or jumps from building and lands on metal rails takes fire service over 3 hours to cut the dead body off the metal railings leaving residents very upset as it took them over one hour to cover the seen Body on fence for over one hour for all to see up setting for locals this all happened on Montagu Square at the corner of Montagu Place leaving residents very distressed)

List of dead bankers 2020

Nuno Ribeiro da Cunha86. January 21st, 2020 – Nuno Ribeiro da Cunha: Private Banking Director, EuroBic.
1st Banker death of the year and in keeping with the mysterious sets of circumstances that surround the other banker deaths on this list.
Nuno Ribeiro da Cunha was banker for daughter of the president of Angola and Africa’s richest woman, (Forbes estimates her wealth at $2.1 billion), Isabel dos Santos. Ms. dos Santos’s father was president of Angola for 38 years until September 2017. When his successor, João Lourenço gained office, he launched a corruption drive.
Prosecutors in Angola were alleging that Ms. dos Santos carried out transactions with government-owned companies that resulted in a $1.14 billion loss for the state. On 19th January, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), gained 700,000 documents linking Ms. Dos Santos to preferential business dealing of the government in land, oil, diamond and telecoms deals over the period of her father’s tenure.
Earlier this month, Mr. Ribeiro da Cunha was found bleeding from several knife wounds to his wrists and stomach by a household employee in one of his holiday homes on the coast south of Lisbon.
Earlier this month, Nuno Ribeiro da Cunha, 45 years old was discovered in what police describe as a ‘suicide’, consistent with hanging.
Mr. Ribeiro da Cunha was a suspect in the wide ranging investigation into the deals of Ms. Dos Santos.
The national director of Portugal’s judicial police force, Luís Neve, said on Tuesday, “everything suggests that no third party was involved” in the banker’s death.
Verdict: Suicide.

Thomas Bowers85. November 29th, 2019 – Thomas Bowers: Former Deutsche Bank employee and Head of US Wealth-Management.
Bowers ‘line managed’ wealth management and private banking through a number of less senior private bankers and ‘wealth managers’, one of them being a Rosemary Vrablic.
Vrablic managed the portfolios of a number of clients, one of them being a Mr. Donald Trump.
Through the auspices of Mr. Bowers, Deutsche Bank provided lines of credit to Trump on the basis of using him as a ‘loss leader’ in order to attract other High Risk/High Return clients.
From 2010-2015, Deutsche/Trump relationship soared, culminating in a loan to Jared Kushner, who had previously been banned from doing deals directly with Deutsche due to his father being a convicted felon.
The FBI were investigating Thomas Bowers as being the ‘Gatekeeper’ to documents detailing Deutsche Bank’s High Risk/High Return strategy at that time.
Bowers was found dead with neck injuries consistent with hanging.
Verdict: Suicide.

Aivar Rehe84. September 25th, 2019 – Aivar Rehe: Former CEO of Danske Bank, Estonia, was found dead in his own back yard on Wednesday 25th September.
The Danish bank is being investigated in Estonia, the US, Denmark, the UK and France for handling $230bn that flowed through its Estonian branch on behalf of non-residents from Russia and other former Soviet states between 2007 and 2015.
In keeping with the similar deaths on this list, police were opaque – “The body has no signs of violence, neither does anything point to an accident,” police said, declining to provide further details out of courtesy to Mr Rehe’s family. There will be no investigation into his death, they added.
Another one for the list.
Verdict: Suicide.

Jeffery Epstein83. August 10th, 2019 – Jeffery Epstein: Limited Partner at Bear Sterns and Liquid Funding Ltd. Convicted pedophile. Jeffery Epstein was jailed and facing charges of pedophilia and child trafficking.
Placed on suicide watch on the 25th July after being discovered with markings around his neck. By the 9th August, suicide watch had been removed, (by the DOJ), and Epstein was found with neck trauma, ‘consistent with hanging’, in his cell by prison officers.
Perhaps the most notable aspect of Epstein was his high profile connections. Previous businesses were in financial fixing for those of $1Bn worth or more. His early introduction to Bear Sterns where he started his career had been through a high profile introduction from one of his pupil’s fathers at the school where he then worked.
Jeffery Epstein with his ‘black book’ represented one of the greatest existential threats to the international elite. His actions, and his connections to the rich and famous are well know.
His trial was a chain of domino’s waiting to fall.
Funny that he should find himself dead.
Verdict: Suicide.

Adrian Hill - Dead Banker82. August 8th, 2019 – Adrian Hill: Former head of HFC Bank, First Direct and M&S Bank; and one of the key players in bringing sub-prime mortgages to the UK lending market.
Mr. Hill was under investigation by the FCA, most notably for overcharging credit-card customers on late payment fees and the legitimacy of his ‘Let-to-Buy‘ business.
Apparently, he had taking to talking to himself under his breath, buying expensive pictures and suffering night-terrors after sending FCA managers a picture of himself with a hunting rifle and the caption – “I’m going to intellectually slay you” and likening them to the Stazi.
Found dead in covered pool. Coroner verdict. Suicide.

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Silencing the ‘Truth’ movement

Silencing the ‘Truth’ movement

They don’t believe in the Lunar landings.

9/11 was an inside job.

The world is run by a elite cabal of bankers, industrialists and investors.

Most tellingly, Sandy Hook, (and any other shooting or atrocity), is an action by the state to control the people.


Weather weapons?

Islam, femenism, homosexuality?

They’re all out there, and they’re there as mechanisms for the state to control the people.

So say Alex Jones, Louis Farrakhan, and Milo Yiannopoulos and Laura Loomer in varying degrees and with various different slants.

Facebook bans Alex Jones, Louis Farrakhan, Milo Yiannopoulos and Laura Loomer from it’s platforms





Now Facebook has deemed these people as ‘Dangerous’.

Technically, not in breach of Facebook’s TOS.

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Google Censorship clamps down on the ‘alt-media’

Google Censorship clamps down on the ‘alt-media’

Here are some other sites that have experienced problems similar to, and the amount of traffic they’ve lost from search (80%) Google, since the beginning of the year.

All authority sites. All producing original content.

In the name of ‘democracy’, ‘free speech’ and ‘human rights’.

Toni Morrison proclaimed that hate speech was equivalent to physical assault in seriousness back in 1993.

That’s a fairly controversial viewpoint. Against the person, it could be argued as true, but against the state?

Is hate against the state, hate?

Google has been working with the ADL to ‘remove hate-speech’ websites from the web. The only problem is, they’re removing sites which are publishing facts that the MSM don’t want to deal with.

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Censored by Google- 64% Black-hat Google penalty for White-hat site

Censored by Google- 64% Black-hat Google penalty for White-hat site

64% Google penalty on results through Google.

  • Original images taken by myself removed from SERPs
  • Original content unique content, unavailable elsewhere, removed from SERPs
  • Sourced and compiled articles removed from SERPs

That’s right Google has slapped a 64% traffic penalty on, removing most of my images and a lot of my content that I’ve created over the 13 years on Google’s index.

Fuck Google

Fuck their SERPs.

Here’s the evidence.

Search phrases – July 2016

Phrase Visitors
1 Phrase Not Provided 3,784
2 google play store china 37
3 chinglish 15
4 fiery cross reef 14
5 ch play china 13
6 world body painting championship 12
7 body painting festival austria 11
8 2016 flooding 7
9 world body painting championships 7
10 google play in china 6
11 how to install google play on chinese phone 6
12 access play store in china 6
13 using google play in china 6
14 how to use google play store in china 6
15 belgrade 5
16 chinglish signs 5
17 access google play in china 5
18 how to access google play store in china 5
19 cannot access play store in china 4
20 league of legends gameplay 4
21 play store china 4
22 mischief reef 4
23 cheyenne mountain 4
24 download google play china 4
25 how to use google play in china 4
26 china play store download 4
27 how to use play store in china 4
28 ostrog monastery 3
29 cambodian bar girls 3
30 lux league of legends 3
31 how to run google play in china 3
32 world body day 3
33 windows 10 3
34 body painting day 3
35 how to access play store in china 3
36 access google play store in china 3
37 ha tien vietnam 3
38 cheyenne mountain complex 3
39 can you use google play store in china 3
40 does play store work in china 3
41 cant open play store in china 3
42 ikea beijing 3
43 keswick floods 2016 3
44 yangshou 2
45 single room apartments in taizhou 2
46 tyler bozeman band 2
47 british bukaki 2
48 austria body painting 2
49 google play proxy for china 2
50 google play en china 2
Subtotal 4,048
Total 4,735

Search Phrases – July 2017

These are the results from last month.

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3 Reasons you won’t ever tell me 9/11 was not an inside job

3 Reasons you won’t ever tell me 9/11 was not an inside job


Building number 7:

The inconsistencies surrounding the collapse of this building.

It’s mentioned in the Architects and Engineers report, on their discussion of fire damage, and the effects of fire damage on the structure of high rise buildings.

The damage received by any of the towers, not least tower 7, was not significant enough to precipitate a total collapse.

The fire service, the architects and the engineers all agree on that.

Building 7 experienced some debris and fire damage.

The most remarkable thing is the fact the BBC report on the 3 collapse whilst the building still stands in the background.

Architects and Engineers report:

The most comprehensive debunking of the official version of 9/11, compiled from time-served experts in the field and presented to the US government.

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Flaperon from MH370; no story – 1 month on

Flaperon from MH370; no story – 1 month on


It’s all over.

The French prosecutors that found this wing were talking shit after all.

MH370 disappeared off the face of the earth, and no-one can tell you otherwise.

“We’re going to need a hotel”

Truth is, MH370 disappeared upwards…

Straight upwards.

Very fast.

Treasure Island

This whole treasure hunt, the greatest and most expensive and intensive search mankind has ever seen is a cover-up.

Malaysians, and the authorities know exactly what happened to the plane, and what the kidnapping symbolised.

So, here’s to the survivors.

I know they’re out there.


**Note: As if by magic, on the very same day I published this piece of INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM about the wing, the French media made a PRESS RELEASE.
Isn’t that a co-incidence.
(You can read the press release here

Suspected MH370 flaperon
Suspected MH370 flaperon washes up on a beach on Reunion island.

I was wondering what had happened to this story…

  • First – they had found a plane part, (flaperon), ‘that could only come from the MH370‘.
  • Then – Najib Razak (PM Malaysian Government) announced; “It is with a very heavy heart that I must tell you that an international team of experts has conclusively confirmed that the aircraft debris […] is indeed MH370“.
  • Now – 1 month on. It was said that the Spanish workers at the parts depot were unable to confirm the part came from the MH370 because they were ‘on vacation’.  This is the latest in a long series of excuses.

MSM are tight lipped about said flaperon, even though it was ‘conclusively confirmed‘ and ‘could only come from‘ the MH370.

Why is that? Because it’s turned out to be nothing perhaps?

I’d like to shed some more light on said ‘flaperon’, continue below.

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