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List of dead bankers 2018 – conspiracy update

List of dead bankers 2018 – conspiracy update

**Update March/April 2018

Changed the dates and included some more up-to-date references for the banker deaths. New deaths added.

**Update October 2017

There was a number of deaths in 2017, most of them I picked up second hand. As I’ve said before, I try to stick to the main players.
I’ve added the deaths for this year to the list.

**Update October 2016

Yep. The list keeps growing. Just focusing on major players, or cases where ‘foul-play’ may be involved. I’ve done a little research into the causes of all these bankers dying, which can be found at the bottom of the article.

Having had to spend too much time on youtube recently, has led to the accumulation of the latest and most credible conspiracy theories.

Perhaps the most interesting, is the demise of the common-or-garden ‘master of the universe’. Banker, as they were once known.
They’ve been having problems with mortality recently.
And there’s a very long list of them.

“Everyone is expendable”

 I remember this guy telling me a story about the Porton Down scientists in the 70’s, and how they all went missing or died, after conducting a lot of ‘hush hush’ experiments.

I was perhaps 26 at the time. Youngster.

Also, David Kelly, our ‘Walter Mitty’ style friend the nuclear inspector who blew the whistle on the ‘dodgy dossier’, and, ironically said he’d end up dead in the woods.

3 weeks later he was found dead in the woods…..

These bankers are no different.

If any one of them decides to have an attack of conscience, the whole NWO and shitty gravy train could come off the railsBanker dies on railings.

China’s economy is the final dollop of shit heading toward the fan.

Today they announced that they were experiencing the slowest level of growth in 25 years

So here’s the list.

(Photo By Dennis Gill 07926643703 Suicide Marylebone guy falls or jumps from building and lands on metal rails takes fire service over 3 hours to cut the dead body off the metal railings leaving residents very upset as it took them over one hour to cover the seen Body on fence for over one hour for all to see up setting for locals this all happened on Montagu Square at the corner of Montagu Place leaving residents very distressed)

List of dead bankers 2018

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US under Martial Law – US Bailout

US under Martial Law – US Bailout

Not managed to get this on mainstream media. The US Govt. has instituted Martial Law to pass a bill unread through Congress in less than the required 24 hour minimum reading period?!?

US recalling troops

Reading on the US websites and watching Utube today, I was shocked with the depth of divide between Wall St. and Main St. .
One Senator was talking about the level of telephone calls he received (in this video) something like 4 to 1,000 against. Which raises questions about US democracy and whether it will survive this vote.

Wicked Plan

This is all a wicked plan to keep the top people in their jobs. When people make huge mistakes what happens?

The people responsible for false trading need to face criminal charges and should be  cut out like a disease.

10 Year cycle

Anyone who’s studied economics will know we are part of something called ‘The 10 Year Cycle’. By this, economists have essentially predicted that every 10 years the economy moves beyond growth into retraction or vice versa depending which phase of the cycle it’s in.

This current scheme is attaching a massive paycheck to what is essentially part of normal economic process, (much as the green arguement is putting together on climate change).

Are you for real?

When the leaves fall off the trees in autumn, we don’t try and sew them back on. When a woman has a baby, we don’t try to push it back in.

Do you know why, because we’re not stupid.

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