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A smashing time!

A smashing time!

Yeah, this time smashed my rod, not my line.

Here’s the one that didn’t get away…

Can I haz cheezeburger?
A carp – 4lb

Took me 5-10 minutes to land, and was fairly lively when I got it on the bank.

This resulted in me not placing it far enough from the water. I should have put it much further up on the bank, away from my tackle. Unfortunately, I didn’t and stepped backwards and did this to my rod.

IMG_0612 (800x600)

Fortunately, I’ve just ordered one of these for spare.

Made a nice crunching noise when I trod on it.

Hook came out easy, and the fish swam off happy.

I went home.

Another day fishing.

Mini fishing experience

Mini fishing experience

Small, but beautifully formed.

Little fish
Little fish

I’ve had a week off.

This what I’ve been doing.

Catching fish – once on the canal, once on the local fishing pool by the name of Carney Pools, which is just local.

Here I got snapped twice by extra large fish.

I managed to get this snapshot of one of the smaller ones before all my tackle got wrecked.

The big one may have looked like this.

Big fish
Big fish


US under Martial Law – US Bailout

US under Martial Law – US Bailout

Not managed to get this on mainstream media. The US Govt. has instituted Martial Law to pass a bill unread through Congress in less than the required 24 hour minimum reading period?!?

US recalling troops

Reading on the US websites and watching Utube today, I was shocked with the depth of divide between Wall St. and Main St. .
One Senator was talking about the level of telephone calls he received (in this video) something like 4 to 1,000 against. Which raises questions about US democracy and whether it will survive this vote.

Wicked Plan

This is all a wicked plan to keep the top people in their jobs. When people make huge mistakes what happens?

The people responsible for false trading need to face criminal charges and should be  cut out like a disease.

10 Year cycle

Anyone who’s studied economics will know we are part of something called ‘The 10 Year Cycle’. By this, economists have essentially predicted that every 10 years the economy moves beyond growth into retraction or vice versa depending which phase of the cycle it’s in.

This current scheme is attaching a massive paycheck to what is essentially part of normal economic process, (much as the green arguement is putting together on climate change).

Are you for real?

When the leaves fall off the trees in autumn, we don’t try and sew them back on. When a woman has a baby, we don’t try to push it back in.

Do you know why, because we’re not stupid.

You own us more money , already

You own us more money , already

Just one thought about the Henry Paulson ‘TARP’ plan.

That the plan has yet to be fleshed out, it assumes mortgages will fail…

Can’t those consumers who believe themselves to be ‘sub-prime’, those fallen 3 months behind with payments, already threatened with foreclosure… just take this as a carte blanche not to pay?

Can’t those who are able to pay just choose to default?

Given the choice I know I would rather default and pay tax, which raises questions about the whole scheme.. threat.. and general confusions ruling.

We need to move toward transparency. The rating agencies are to blame for this whole debacle.