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Covid on the socially distanced cut – Dodford Meadows

Covid on the socially distanced cut – Dodford Meadows

Continuous cruising rules are back in operation, meaning I have to move. The boat, not my personage.

I’ve moved 2 stops down, skipping my usual stop in Weedon Bec.

I decided that the excess of pedestrian traffic around that area was probably best avoided at this time.

I’ve moved a little further to this spot which is closest to a village called Dodford. I call it Dodford Meadows.

I’m moored opposite Canna Mead Wharf‘s boat crane. Sometimes they lift the odd boat out here to do a bit of work on.

They have a day boat for hire nowadays, but no website.

There used to be more boats moored up here. Some of them appear to have moved off.

From 2017

I took this picture at the end of 2017. Actually, I’ve been here a few times.

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Oak Hill – Dun Aqueduct

Oak Hill – Dun Aqueduct

Just at the other side of the canal, the River Dun winds it’s way through the valley, separating the canal from the railway.

I dropped some fish in there the other day.

It’s a chalk/gravel stream with a small indigenous population of brown trout.

River Dun
River Dun

You can see, it’s quite deep and it’s registered as one of the UK’s gravel streams of which there are 210 chalk world, and 160 of those are in England.

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My first Zander

My first Zander

Was fishing yesterday in the deep basin behind my boat.

It’s quite a wide expanse of water, with a couple of piers for boats, then leading down to the lock.

After throwing a bit of groundbait out, I sat down, turned on the radio and cracked open my beer.

After a couple of minutes, the old float started bobbing around.

Fishing on bread.

Pulled this out.

It’s a perch-pike or Zander.

Baby zander

Tiny little chunk.

It’s like a Goby.


You can see it here on my coaster.

Put him back and he swam off.

Maybe one day he will grow up big and strong.

A smashing time!

A smashing time!

Yeah, this time smashed my rod, not my line.

Here’s the one that didn’t get away…

Can I haz cheezeburger?
A carp – 4lb

Took me 5-10 minutes to land, and was fairly lively when I got it on the bank.

This resulted in me not placing it far enough from the water. I should have put it much further up on the bank, away from my tackle. Unfortunately, I didn’t and stepped backwards and did this to my rod.

IMG_0612 (800x600)

Fortunately, I’ve just ordered one of these for spare.

Made a nice crunching noise when I trod on it.

Hook came out easy, and the fish swam off happy.

I went home.

Another day fishing.

Mini fishing experience

Mini fishing experience

Small, but beautifully formed.

Little fish
Little fish

I’ve had a week off.

This what I’ve been doing.

Catching fish – once on the canal, once on the local fishing pool by the name of Carney Pools, which is just local.

Here I got snapped twice by extra large fish.

I managed to get this snapshot of one of the smaller ones before all my tackle got wrecked.

The big one may have looked like this.

Big fish
Big fish