Covid on the socially distanced cut – Dodford Meadows

Covid on the socially distanced cut – Dodford Meadows

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Continuous cruising rules are back in operation, meaning I have to move. The boat, not my personage.

I’ve moved 2 stops down, skipping my usual stop in Weedon Bec.

I decided that the excess of pedestrian traffic around that area was probably best avoided at this time.

I’ve moved a little further to this spot which is closest to a village called Dodford. I call it Dodford Meadows.

I’m moored opposite Canna Mead Wharf‘s boat crane. Sometimes they lift the odd boat out here to do a bit of work on.

They have a day boat for hire nowadays, but no website.

There used to be more boats moored up here. Some of them appear to have moved off.

From 2017

I took this picture at the end of 2017. Actually, I’ve been here a few times.

The Ashby Canal

As some of you may remember, I was talking about moving onto the Ashby Canal slightly further up into the Midlands.

Had good old Covid not come along, I would have been there by now.

Not that I don’t like it here, but it is becoming a little familiar.

I need pastures new…..

Replacing stove rope on my old Hardy 4 stove

Due to the fact the weather has turned warmish, I’ve been able to survive without having to light the stove, an old Hamlet Harvey 4.

I had to do a fair bit of searching around on the ‘net. I talked to the guy at in Long Buckby and he said it was pretty important to get the right sized rope.

In the end, I found you needed 9mm rope for this particular model. Having plenty of time to surf the internet, there was a supplier in Derbyshire called Robeys.

It cost £10.95 for 2m of rope and some adhesive.

Stove door

1. Taking the door off

Fairly easy – simply lift off the hinges.

2. Removing the old rope

Some people say screwdriver. I found a chisel a much sharper and more robust tool for the job.

3. Clean surfaces of old rope and muck

Again, people say do this with a wire brush. If you want to spend 2-5 hours doing the job, that’s fine.

I didn’t.

I put the wire brush on my Bosch hand-drill, put it onto half revs and put some eye PPE on.

Took about 4 minutes.

4. Apply adhesive to mating surfaces

This was supplied with my kit.

I wasn’t sure what was the right amount to put on, so I put it all on in the knowledge that I could remove any excess at a later stage.

5. Leave to dry

They recommend 4 hours to initially set. Then 24 hours.

6. Re-fit door to stove

And close. Leave for a while.

7. Re-light stove

To ‘cure’ the adhesive, as it were. Slowly at first, then build up the heat a little.

I’ve not done this yet.

Maybe later.

It seems fine anyhow.

Onto the next job…..


Yes… It’s been a long break, but better weathers and an easing on lockdown restrictions has meant I’ve been able to undertake a little fishing!

Got some cheap bread rolls from co-op. Threw in some ground bait and pulled out these two skimmers in about 20 minutes.

These was about 4pm.

Things died off a little and I went and cooked dinner.

When I got back, it was kind of twilight, and I could no longer see the orange float which was so easy to make out in the brighter sunshine.

I would have had to change the rig over to a yellow float to be able to see what was actually going on.

That’s something I can do next time.

Till next week…

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