Covid on the Cut – The 5th degree

Covid on the Cut – The 5th degree

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Living the lie.

Watling Street is a route in England that began as an ancient trackway first used by the Britons, mainly between the areas of modern Canterbury and St Albans using a natural ford near Westminster. The Romans later paved the route, which then connected the Kentish ports of Dubris (Dover), Rutupiae (Richborough), Lemanis (Lympne), and Regulbium (Reculver) to their bridge over the Thames at Londinium (London). The route continued northwest through Verulamium (St Albans) on its way to Viroconium (Wroxeter). The Romans considered the continuation on to Blatobulgium (Birrens) beyond Hadrian’s Wall to be part of the same route, leading some scholars to call this Watling Street as well, although others restrict it to the southern leg.

This is a picture of Watling Street today. As you can see, it’s one of the UK’s busiest trunk roads, and it’s almost completely empty.

The embankment you can see on the left is the Grand Union canal is it snakes it’s way around the Nene Valley.

Back to work

As a key worker….

This time I’m working in conjunction with a testing program for willing participants who wish to know if they are, or have been infected with Covid.

This is one of the largest and most important studies underway into the COVID-19 virus and will transform our understanding of the infection. The University of Oxford is delighted to be the Study Sponsor.”

Professor Sarah Walker, University of Oxford

“Understanding more about the rate of COVID-19 infection in the general population, and the longer-term prevalence of antibodies, is a vital part of our ongoing response to this virus.
“This survey will help to track the current extent of transmission and infection in the UK, while also answering crucial questions about immunity as we continue to build up our understanding of this new virus.
“Together, these results will help us better understand the spread of the virus to date, predict the future trajectory and inform future action we take, including crucially the development of ground-breaking new tests and treatments.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock

It’s an invitation only program, run by one of the Government agencies, the ONS.

If you want to read more about this testing program you can read about it on the Office of National Statistics website.

My job is to submit completed test kits to the lab in Oxford.

I drive in my car and talk to participants, do a swab with them. I have to record some details on my phone about them and their symptoms, if any, in the last 2 weeks.

I then have to return completed swab samples to a courier who drives them to a lab in Oxford.

The work is fairly patchy. From a question and answer session this morning with my employer, it seems some areas have higher level of respondent take-up than others.

At present, it seems to be a few sessions a week, (on my patch), but they’re hoping to increase that.

But, I am a key worker, (health visitor), and I do have something to do besides drink tea, gaming and painting…

Mama duck.2

Mama duck
Mama duck.2

Mama duck .1 had a bit of a problem looking after her offspring, and as you may remember from my previous post, they all went missing after 8 days.

All 12 of them.

This is Mama duck 0.2. She has been here for maybe 10 days now with her brood. Today 26th, they’re all intact.

Here, I think is the cuprit.

It’s a red kite. When I was painting the boat, it swooped down on the ducklings and tried to grab one out of the water.

Mama duck started flying at it, trying to protect her chicks from the aerial attacker.

There was a bit of a fight until I ran over with my paint brush and the kite flew off.

These are pictures I took later on that day.

Around Flore

Here’s some pictures from around Flore.

Continuous cruising restarts

By my next installment, Canal and River Trust continuous cruising rules will have resumed, and I will have had to move my boat away from this pretty spot.

Until then…..

One thought on “Covid on the Cut – The 5th degree

  1. you will be busy over the next few weeks or months I suspect.. Mrs Duck will have been grateful for your assistance agaainst that bully Red Kite. Hope the babies survive! Moving on will be a bit of an adventure for you after being in one place for so long!! Enjoy! x

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