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Articles concerning sites and results censored by Google

List of Demonetized YouTube stars

List of Demonetized YouTube stars

**Updated: 4th April, 2018

Google demonetization
Google demonetization screen

** Updated post here

Google Demonetization

You better watch out….

Google’s latest move is to censor online content moving through it’s various channels; search, video which is ‘controversial’.

You can see it in black and white above.

This site, and other onliners such as WSWS have experienced exclusion from the index, or severe penalties. On the other side of the fence, in the world of YouTube, many publishers whose livelihood is based on the forum through and it’s many subscribers, have found content ‘demonetized’.

Even posters whose content has nothing to do with controversy, light entertainment channels may find they’re getting censored if they don’t present their information in the right way.

In many cases Google is simply targetted the individuals. Removing their content wholesale, whether it’s breaching guidelines or not.

Judgement has been cast

Google refused to monetize my YouTube content many years ago. They said I was running a ‘click-scam’, the truth is, Google Adwords only pays publishers for a PERCENTAGE of the click-thru’s they get on their site. Some clicks don’t get registered at all. When you’re making money from BILLIONS of clicks a day, that’s a lot of money.

I know this, having been a publisher since 2003/2004 when Adwords first came out and I started running the program. I ran it for over 7 years…. Anyway, another story…..

List of demonetized YouTube stars

This list is ongoing, so if you want to slip me an email with your story, I can include you.

ownage pranksOwnage Pranks – 4,300,000 subscribers
Prankster who publishes impersonations he does over the phone as random hoaxes. Very funny.
Partial demonetization.

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Google’s ‘alt-media off button’ for forthcoming war

Google’s ‘alt-media off button’ for forthcoming war

That’s right. If ain’t saying what we wanted, we’re going to turn it OFF.

My site, like many other sites, blog, youtubers and other purveyors of ‘unique’ content felt the force of Google’s altered algorithms, robots and other nobs and whistles, as well as the hoards of employees sequenced to vet content and content makers responsible for publishing material not in the ‘public interest’.

Have no doubt this is the case.

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Google index is now spam

Google index is now spam

And adverts….

Astra h 1.8i 16v sri chip

Was doing a search last night. I was looking into getting a new ‘chip’ fitted to my new Astra sri.

Here’s research I did using two of the top search engines.

Duck duck go

I’d turned up a few results on duck-duck-go. Looked like this:

As you can see, there’s about 6 results there that match my search phrase.

Google search results

Now check the Google results.

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Google, other tech companies warned over ‘dangerous’ banning of neo-Nazis, hate groups

Google, other tech companies warned over ‘dangerous’ banning of neo-Nazis, hate groups

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer has been pushed offline or perhaps to the dark web by GoDaddy, Google and Cloudflare, which one by one made it impossible for the news and commentary provider to keep operating after it published an article that criticized a woman who died during last weekend’s violent protests…

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Google Censorship clamps down on the ‘alt-media’

Google Censorship clamps down on the ‘alt-media’

Here are some other sites that have experienced problems similar to, and the amount of traffic they’ve lost from search (80%) Google, since the beginning of the year.

All authority sites. All producing original content.

In the name of ‘democracy’, ‘free speech’ and ‘human rights’.

Toni Morrison proclaimed that hate speech was equivalent to physical assault in seriousness back in 1993.

That’s a fairly controversial viewpoint. Against the person, it could be argued as true, but against the state?

Is hate against the state, hate?

Google has been working with the ADL to ‘remove hate-speech’ websites from the web. The only problem is, they’re removing sites which are publishing facts that the MSM don’t want to deal with.

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Censored by Google- 64% Black-hat Google penalty for White-hat site

Censored by Google- 64% Black-hat Google penalty for White-hat site

64% Google penalty on results through Google.

  • Original images taken by myself removed from SERPs
  • Original content unique content, unavailable elsewhere, removed from SERPs
  • Sourced and compiled articles removed from SERPs

That’s right Google has slapped a 64% traffic penalty on, removing most of my images and a lot of my content that I’ve created over the 13 years on Google’s index.

Fuck Google

Fuck their SERPs.

Here’s the evidence.

Search phrases – July 2016

Phrase Visitors
1 Phrase Not Provided 3,784
2 google play store china 37
3 chinglish 15
4 fiery cross reef 14
5 ch play china 13
6 world body painting championship 12
7 body painting festival austria 11
8 2016 flooding 7
9 world body painting championships 7
10 google play in china 6
11 how to install google play on chinese phone 6
12 access play store in china 6
13 using google play in china 6
14 how to use google play store in china 6
15 belgrade 5
16 chinglish signs 5
17 access google play in china 5
18 how to access google play store in china 5
19 cannot access play store in china 4
20 league of legends gameplay 4
21 play store china 4
22 mischief reef 4
23 cheyenne mountain 4
24 download google play china 4
25 how to use google play in china 4
26 china play store download 4
27 how to use play store in china 4
28 ostrog monastery 3
29 cambodian bar girls 3
30 lux league of legends 3
31 how to run google play in china 3
32 world body day 3
33 windows 10 3
34 body painting day 3
35 how to access play store in china 3
36 access google play store in china 3
37 ha tien vietnam 3
38 cheyenne mountain complex 3
39 can you use google play store in china 3
40 does play store work in china 3
41 cant open play store in china 3
42 ikea beijing 3
43 keswick floods 2016 3
44 yangshou 2
45 single room apartments in taizhou 2
46 tyler bozeman band 2
47 british bukaki 2
48 austria body painting 2
49 google play proxy for china 2
50 google play en china 2
Subtotal 4,048
Total 4,735

Search Phrases – July 2017

These are the results from last month.

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