Google index is now spam

Google index is now spam

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And adverts….

Astra h 1.8i 16v sri chip

Was doing a search last night. I was looking into getting a new ‘chip’ fitted to my new Astra sri.

Here’s research I did using two of the top search engines.

Duck duck go

I’d turned up a few results on duck-duck-go. Looked like this:

As you can see, there’s about 6 results there that match my search phrase.

Google search results

Now check the Google results.

That’s 2 results that match the criteria.

The other 10 results are either spam or adverts.

Rise of the underdog.

Here’s some results that show search referrals to, both for September and this month.

Bearing in mind, this month is not finished yet.

How long for Google?

I don’t believe Google can hold it’s dominant spot in the market place turning up spam results like this.

It’s only a matter of time before it’s common knowledge that you can get better, more accurate search results with less spam and adverts elsewhere.

Google needs to watch it’s back.

2 thoughts on “Google index is now spam

  1. Absolutely correct. This has been going on gradually for the last few years, while the ads are more relevant. It was a plan to stop users skipping the ads, and make more money.

    An organic number result used to get 70% of the traffic from a keyword search, now it’s under 20%.

    Even this page is censored, found it in duckduckgo…

    Googles days are numbered, but because they own so many of the other tech brands, it will be a while before they go down.

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