Non-slip adhesive matting and other jobs

Non-slip adhesive matting and other jobs

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Non-slip adhesive matting

Took me about 2 months to get hold of this stuff. It’s a large sheet of non-slip adhesive matting for the roof of the narrowboat.

It’s like gunwhale tape. But much fatter.

It’s got and adhesive back.

It takes 3 people to fit this sheet. I know because I did it with 1 person, and it’s completely full of bubbles. You need a roller also, to be fair. This stuff will tear your hands apart if you try and smooth it with your hand, or anything with else for that matter. You need to lay it with 2…… and roll it with one!

Too late now.


Simple 5mm tapping out into the roof.

Got some medium thread lock and put it onto the zinc bolts.

Felt fairly happy about the finish.

Battery bank

Finally added the two batteries to the battery bank.

Now got a full complement of batteries. Fit for watching TV on cold winter nights in front of the fire.

2 thoughts on “Non-slip adhesive matting and other jobs

  1. Wow… have been busy….really glad about the battery bank it will make such a difference especially this winter. There’s always something to do on a narrowboat…so you won’t be idle 🙂 The mat was a great idea and now your ropes won’t take the pain off. So only 1 more move before your winter mooring now…it will be different for you to be in one place for a while with everything close by….lovely.

  2. Well, the battery bank looks impressive – any indications yet as to how it’s performing in both accumulating power and output provision?
    And the fairleads look a neat job.

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