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Solving Android Auto App Connection Problems

Solving Android Auto App Connection Problems

Are you tired of dealing with connection problems on the Android Auto app?

Discover the ultimate solution in this informative video that will help you bid farewell to frustrating disconnections.
Say hello to a seamless and uninterrupted experience with your Android Auto. Watch now to unlock the secrets to resolving connection issues and enjoy a hassle-free driving experience!

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Muscott -> Long Buckby and Google Pixel stops working

Muscott -> Long Buckby and Google Pixel stops working

Or thereabouts.

Actually Buckby Wharf.

Google Pixel 2 – Red light comes on and stops working

That’s right my phone, pictured below. Left it on charge overnight. Shortly after I got up in the morning, whilst it was still on charge, the red light came on and started flashing and the picture of the battery sign came on the screen.

google pixel 2
google pixel 2

Checked the Google Support website. “The battery is fully discharged. Re-charge for at least 30 minutes then re-try”.

I knew this was not the case, because it had been on charge, and when I checked the cable, it was attached securely.

So…. The phone had just stopped working.

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List of Demonetized YouTube stars

List of Demonetized YouTube stars

**Updated: 4th April, 2018

Google demonetization
Google demonetization screen

** Updated post here

Google Demonetization

You better watch out….

Google’s latest move is to censor online content moving through it’s various channels; search, video which is ‘controversial’.

You can see it in black and white above.

This site, and other onliners such as WSWS have experienced exclusion from the index, or severe penalties. On the other side of the fence, in the world of YouTube, many publishers whose livelihood is based on the forum through and it’s many subscribers, have found content ‘demonetized’.

Even posters whose content has nothing to do with controversy, light entertainment channels may find they’re getting censored if they don’t present their information in the right way.

In many cases Google is simply targetted the individuals. Removing their content wholesale, whether it’s breaching guidelines or not.

Judgement has been cast

Google refused to monetize my YouTube content many years ago. They said I was running a ‘click-scam’, the truth is, Google Adwords only pays publishers for a PERCENTAGE of the click-thru’s they get on their site. Some clicks don’t get registered at all. When you’re making money from BILLIONS of clicks a day, that’s a lot of money.

I know this, having been a publisher since 2003/2004 when Adwords first came out and I started running the program. I ran it for over 7 years…. Anyway, another story…..

List of demonetized YouTube stars

This list is ongoing, so if you want to slip me an email with your story, I can include you.

ownage pranksOwnage Pranks – 4,300,000 subscribers
Prankster who publishes impersonations he does over the phone as random hoaxes. Very funny.
Partial demonetization.

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Google’s ‘alt-media off button’ for forthcoming war

Google’s ‘alt-media off button’ for forthcoming war

That’s right. If ain’t saying what we wanted, we’re going to turn it OFF.

My site, like many other sites, blog, youtubers and other purveyors of ‘unique’ content felt the force of Google’s altered algorithms, robots and other nobs and whistles, as well as the hoards of employees sequenced to vet content and content makers responsible for publishing material not in the ‘public interest’.

Have no doubt this is the case.

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Google index is now spam

Google index is now spam

And adverts….

Astra h 1.8i 16v sri chip

Was doing a search last night. I was looking into getting a new ‘chip’ fitted to my new Astra sri.

Here’s research I did using two of the top search engines.

Duck duck go

I’d turned up a few results on duck-duck-go. Looked like this:

As you can see, there’s about 6 results there that match my search phrase.

Google search results

Now check the Google results.

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2 Billion League of Legends spectators crash EU servers

2 Billion League of Legends spectators crash EU servers

Apparently, 32-bit processing can only handle integers less than 2,147,483,648, when EU West’s League of Legends number of users, surpassed this, the screens went black.

Amumu - League of Legends


Lux - League of Legendse-sports

Sort of vying for the title of a ‘real’ sport, but not quite being taken seriously.
Playing games such as Call of Duty, Defense of the Ancients, and League of Legends, esports are viewed as a persuit for spotty teenagers with poor social skills.

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Google attacked my website! – Google Cloud Services DoS attack

Google attacked my website! – Google Cloud Services DoS attack

And it wasn’t the first time.

The second day in a row, has been hit by a Denial of Service attack eminating from ‘Google Cloud Services‘.

Each time, in the early hours of the morning, I’m visited by the ‘Google Cloud Service‘ bot, which subsequently visits ever page on my site in quick succession.Google

It’s called an

Asymmetric attack

(In this this type of attack, Application Layer receives high-workload requests that consume server resources such as RAM.)

This places an unnaturally high demand on the servers CPU, slowing the server down, and if left, possibly blowing it up. To stop this happening, when the CPU gets warm, it automatically designates the source and shuts it down, putting the offending site on error.

Each time, I’ve been able to trace the source of the problem to Google Cloud Services.

Google Cloud Services caching sites for their owners, but it’s closing my site down, maliciously!

Tracking code

Usually when you sign on to some sort of BOT activity on your site, you’re asked to put a verification code on there, to confirm that it’s actually you requesting the traffic, not some rogue element wishing to take your website down.

You as the owner, actively sign-on to have your site crawled.

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