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Solving Android Auto App Connection Problems

Solving Android Auto App Connection Problems

Are you tired of dealing with connection problems on the Android Auto app?

Discover the ultimate solution in this informative video that will help you bid farewell to frustrating disconnections.
Say hello to a seamless and uninterrupted experience with your Android Auto. Watch now to unlock the secrets to resolving connection issues and enjoy a hassle-free driving experience!

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List of Demonetized YouTube stars

List of Demonetized YouTube stars

**Updated: 4th April, 2018

Google demonetization
Google demonetization screen

** Updated post here

Google Demonetization

You better watch out….

Google’s latest move is to censor online content moving through it’s various channels; search, video which is ‘controversial’.

You can see it in black and white above.

This site, and other onliners such as WSWS have experienced exclusion from the index, or severe penalties. On the other side of the fence, in the world of YouTube, many publishers whose livelihood is based on the forum through and it’s many subscribers, have found content ‘demonetized’.

Even posters whose content has nothing to do with controversy, light entertainment channels may find they’re getting censored if they don’t present their information in the right way.

In many cases Google is simply targetted the individuals. Removing their content wholesale, whether it’s breaching guidelines or not.

Judgement has been cast

Google refused to monetize my YouTube content many years ago. They said I was running a ‘click-scam’, the truth is, Google Adwords only pays publishers for a PERCENTAGE of the click-thru’s they get on their site. Some clicks don’t get registered at all. When you’re making money from BILLIONS of clicks a day, that’s a lot of money.

I know this, having been a publisher since 2003/2004 when Adwords first came out and I started running the program. I ran it for over 7 years…. Anyway, another story…..

List of demonetized YouTube stars

This list is ongoing, so if you want to slip me an email with your story, I can include you.

ownage pranksOwnage Pranks – 4,300,000 subscribers
Prankster who publishes impersonations he does over the phone as random hoaxes. Very funny.
Partial demonetization.

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RyanAir passenger captures UFO footage

RyanAir passenger captures UFO footage

I like the odd UFO video.

Thought I’d get this one before it appears on the Yahoo! News front-page.

UFO on passenger flight from Eindhoven to Spain
Captured on Ryanair flight from Eindhoven to Spain


A Dutch passenger captured UFO on video while on board the Ryanair airbus near Eindhoven, the Netherlands heading to Spain. Coincidentally, the passenger was recording because she enjoyed the view.

After 4 minutes recording this UFO event happened.

The engines made a lot of noise and the pilot made suddenly a sharp maneuver as the object passed under the wing.

Lonely Planet announces deal with Google

Lonely Planet announces deal with Google

or was it the BBC?

Anyway, Lonelyplanet’s founders the Wheeler’s let go a 40% stake in the company after fellow shareholder Singleton released his shareholding of 30%.

That means the beeb have majority holding of 75% and the Lonely Planers will be dancing to their tune.

You’ve got mail..
Does this mean I will be receiving more nasty legal letters in the near future?