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Allen’s Lock to Enslow

Allen’s Lock to Enslow

For CRT continuous cruising rules, this is as far as I need to go, which is approximately 26 miles from my starting location which was Varney’s Lock, just above Cropredy.

Seeing as the canal and river trust are breathing down my neck about my movements, I’ve kept them all logged on this little map.

The red ‘P’s denote the movement requirement for a 12 month period by the powers that be.

Seeing as I’m down this way, I’m going to take a little trip along the Thames in the coming weeks…

I made a video this time of my journey down which worked out around 7 miles and took me between three and four hours on the boat.

Click below to have a look…

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Back at the Pig Place

Back at the Pig Place

‘Where the dear and the antelope play’…

Or just pigs.

We have some buffalo in the field opposite.

So it could be, ‘where the pigs and the buffalo play’.

Aynho Wharf

Had to go to Aynho Wharf. For water.

Turned around.

Came back up again. Took about 2.5 hours from where I was before.

The water takes forever to fill up at Aynho because of the low pressure.

Solar and the cost of living

Able to do all my cooking on solar now the sun’s out.

That means I only use the gas now for:

  • Washing
  • Showers
  • Washing up

Made a 13kg calor last for 4 months last time.

Gas. A gas bottle is £40 now for 13kg. When I started boating in 2016, it was £28.

Equates to around £10 per month for gas.

Electric is free.

Diesel. I bought £75 in January. Might have to get some more in July to get me up to Calcutt boats, in Napton. That’s £12.50 per month.


All in all, £22.50 currently in monthly overheads on the boat.

Narrowboat Ropes

Had a slight bit of wear and tear on my front and rear ropes.

As you can see, the rear rope is frayed and the braiding is coming undone.

I’ve tried to strap it up with some handlebar tape.

It’s really starting to become a hazard, especially in locks, where it can become entangled in things such as the rail bar, or not fly through the air properly because part of the rope become entangled on your hand as you try to throw it.

A danger.

Frayed mooring rope
Frayed mooring rope

For this reason, I had to take a trip up to the Chandlers.

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VOD: Kayaking the Amazon

VOD: Kayaking the Amazon

From source to sea.

David Midgley, a computer programmer from London, England, dreamed of doing something BIG, and different. A wild idea in a Scottish bar became a ten year project: learn to kayak, and then paddle the Amazon from Source to Sea. Darcy Gaechter and Don Beveridge met “Midge” in Ecuador during his travels and skill build up while he was preparing for the Amazon. He recruited us to help him run the whitewater portions of the source (the Mantaro river in Peru) and we decided to join him for the rest of the journey. Intrigued because we had paddled for years in Ecuador’s Amazon basin, we wanted to see the world’s biggest river. Darcy would become the first woman to paddle the entire Amazon. When we started the trip, more people had walked on the moon than had traversed the Amazon from start to finish.
Now, with our journey completed, that number is tied. Twelve.
This video starts high in the Peruvian Andes at the headwaters of the Rio Mantaro, the newly recognized longest source of the Amazon, and ends 148 days later on a beach at the Atlantic Ocean. We started with altitude sickness and went from snow and freezing temperatures through high desert to steaming jungle. We passed through Peru’s notorious “Red Zone” famous for drug runners, Shinning Path insurgents, and wary indigenous people and paddled through pirate infested waters in Brazil. We had nothing but great interactions with all the people we met along the way.
Shot mainly on GoPro, but also some Sony handicam and Canon T3i, this video is a short compilation of our 5 month journey. Whitewater rapids, miles of flatwater, mosquitoes, blazing sun and pouring rain couldn’t stop Midge from reaching his goal: First Englishman to paddle the Amazon from Source to Sea.
Other “firsts” of note:
Darcy Gaechter, first woman to paddle the Amazon from Source to Sea (and first Vegan!)
First trip to complete source to sea on the Amazon in kayaks (other trips used other craft, or bypassed long sections).
For more information visit our trip website

VOD: Barefoot thieves in Rio

VOD: Barefoot thieves in Rio

First impressions of Brazil, this video shows 20 industrious ‘workers’ on the streets of Rio.

Rio is much more upmarket than Sao Paulo, the first major city I visited when I was in Brazil.
I found Sao Paulo run down.

The only reason people weren’t interested in robbing me was I didn’t have any money.

New fangled

With the advent of the mobile phone, we have this kind of footage.

Said to have been shot over a period of a ‘few hours’.

Trade advice

If I were going to Rio, I’d go to Ipenema rather than downtown, as this is the kind of thing you can expect happening.

Here’s the video.

Street robber in Rio, Brazil
Street Robber in Rio, Brazil

VOD: More Chinese baggage handlers

VOD: More Chinese baggage handlers

Those Chinese baggage handlers strike again….

‘If a job’s worth doing’ mentality clearly demonstrated in this gem of a video of a Chinese baggage handler in action captured by an Australian tourist.

Chinese baggage handlers

Expect your luggage to be treated like this…

Looks like a China Airways logo in the foreground.

As you can see from the reactions on the Facebook post, netizens agree, your luggage will be handled in this way and you should pack accordingly.