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Aldi panic buying because of deaded lurgy!

Aldi panic buying because of deaded lurgy!

OMG! Aldi’s carpark is full. WTF is going on!!!!

I managed to get a space only after going into the over-spill carpark, a place rarely ventured.

Today, it was full!

All the toilet roll had gone!

All the handwash had gone, (I got washing up liquid)!

All the pasta had gone.

All the tins of beans had been depleted, and my favorite biscuits had been greedily stockpiled, and not by me! No doubt I’ll see them on eBay in the next couple of days.

I’ve never seen it so busy. I usually go on Monday to avoid the crowds. Today it was chaos.

Here’s a picture of the car-park.

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Benefits of fasting

Benefits of fasting

Fasting. People have been doing it from the beginning of time.

Saves money, and it’s good for you.

I took to fasting when I used to live on my own.

Survival of the fittest

There is scientific evidence to suggest that fasting is better for you neurologically, and physically.

Our cells are designed in such a way that, the bad cells get digested by the good after a period of fasting to make up the calorific shortfall.

Like a survival of the fittest.

Defect cells are just ironed out.

I’ve no doubt that the body builds up a cache of toxins from food, drink and any other alcohol and drugs, which is stored in the fat of the body.

Getting rid of this every once in a while regenerates the body, and allows it to start afresh.

21 days

When I was in France, I didn’t eat for 21 days.

That’s pretty extreme, and I ended up very skinny.

Michael Tyler
Skinny me

What it did do is cleared my guts, metabolism and body of any fat or excess, and wiped the slate clean.

I feel better for that.

Here’s the article

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Sitting with your legs crossed

Sitting with your legs crossed

Not all it’s cracked up to be. Uncross them NOW.

Here’s the evidence…

Sitting With Your Legs Crossed? 4 Reasons To Stop Right Now

Sitting with crossed legs has health implications. [REX] 

Sitting with crossed legs has health implications. [REX] 

You probably cross your legs at least once while you’re having dinner, working at your desk, or pretty much any time you sit down. Odds are, you don’t even realise you’re doing it — you just sit and cross one leg over the other, like you’ve done for years.

But experts say you might want to rethink that habit: Crossing your legs can actually have some negative health effects. Here’s what you need to know:

It Causes Back And Neck Pain

In a perfect world, you’d sit facing forward with both feet planted squarely on the floor. Unfortunately, that rarely happens. Most of us shift our weight around, lean to one side or the other, or, yup, cross our legs.

According to orthopedic physical therapist Vivian Eisenstadt, crossing your legs is just asking for back and neck pain. Sitting with your legs crossed puts your hips in a torqued position, which can lead to the rotation of one of your pelvic bones, she explains. Since your pelvis is the base of support for your spine, it puts unnecessary pressure on your neck and lower and middle back when it’s rotated and unstable. And the longer you sit with your legs crossed, the more pressure you put on your spine, which increases the odds you’ll develop an issue.

“Days and weeks of doing this are one of the main reasons we have back and neck pain, as well as herniated discs,” she tells Yahoo Health.

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Kidney Stone

Kidney Stone

Passed my kidney stone.

Picked it out of the toilet the other day.

I guess this means I can go back to resting.