Ionic Recall

Ionic Recall

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I bought a fitbit Ionic in August 2020. It was £160 from Amazon.

My Fitbit Ionic has been recalled!

Luck has smiled on my wristband…

Just the other day, I was thinking about how long I’d had it and how crap the strap replacement I had to buy off Amazon was!

Imagine my delight when I read last night on Bloomberg evening newsletter that it was being recalled.

Fitbit Ionic recalled

The fitbit Ionic cost me £158.90 from Amazon in 2020.

I’ve had two emails confirming that they’re going to refund an amount to my credit card!

40% discount of up to 5 new devices

They’ve also given me a discount code for buying up to 4 new ones.

Ionic recall replacement watches
Fitbit’s with discount

There are some other freebies in there, such as accessory bands?

Free accessory bands

And expedited shipping….

They’ve given me a Unique Access Code:

It allows me to see the range of products available.


There it is. You don’t get something for nothing.

No doubt my wrist will have been replaced with a burnt stump when I get out of bed tomorrow morning. 😂😂😂

If you want a new fitbit let me know.

Here’s a bat


A bat.

Flying around the boat.

During the middle of the day.

Take a look.

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3 thoughts on “Ionic Recall

  1. Wow – what a lucky Thursday!
    “want a Fitbit” ? If only I had your energy
    Keep up the steps !

  2. That’s a stroke of luck about the Fitbit…would love a new one, please..x Poor Bat he must have lost his sonic marbles!!

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