Spiceball Park – In the winter

Spiceball Park – In the winter

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Winter moorer’s paradise… Spiceball park.

That’s right, it’s got pretty much everything. Parking, broadband, shops, good solar, working TV and radio. The whole shebang…

In comparison to Spiceball summer mooring, when it does indeed have all these things plus; banging and whistling all hours day and night from the factory opposite. Fine Lady bakery.

During the winter, moorers are allowed to remain on the 2 day mooring for 2 weeks!

This is away from the factory and actually bumps Spiceball Park up quite considerably in terms of livability. It’s even got a metalled pathway! You don’t need to get everything covered in mud when you get off the boat!

Here’s a picture of Spiceball Park.

2 Day moorings in Spiceball Park
2 Day moorings in Spiceball Park

The leaves, or lack of them means that solar energy is free. To a point.

Enough that I’ve got myself another one of these.

My new electric kettle!
My new electric kettle! It’s a 12v Kettle that runs on solar power.

No, not the jam and stuff all around, just the thing in the middle! It’s a 12v Kettle. It takes about 15-20 minutes to boil. It runs just on the solar energy from the panels on the roof.

Started my new job

That’s one like the one I used to have at Ipsos/Gfk. Interviewing. Basically talking to people about how they find various different topic subjects as my employer sees fit.

It’s taken from November last year to Tuesday 15th March last week to actually get me on the road and out and working.

Nearly 4 months.

Amazon Flex reduced rates

Still, it stands to be better than what Amazon Flex is at the moment. Amazon Flex seems to be in the habit of exploiting needy drivers in the name of increasing profits for Amazon currently. Amazon Flex rates went down in the end of 2021. Dropped by maybe 30-40% on an average block. Since November 2021, they’ve basically been giving worse rates for more work (in the majority of cases). This is in the UK and USA, where the scheme runs. Lot’s of Flex drivers have been complaining, and no doubt, as fuel continues to rise, the Flex program will become less and less viable if it continues on it’s current course.

You’ve got to pick and choose your blocks to remain above the red mist that descends when you realise; when you’ve arrived, and loaded the car and looked at the route, you’re getting shafted by Amazon.

Here’s some pictures from the previous couple of weeks.

One thought on “Spiceball Park – In the winter

  1. Wow…Spacewalk Park looks beautiful….winter has some advantages. Love your new solar kettle how amazing you can have a cuppa compliments of the sun. British workers have lost the protection of the EU so they wi now be exploited BIG TIME…like P&O are doing but Johnson and Rees Mogg will be happy. Enjoy Spiceball Park. X

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