Censored by Google- 64% Black-hat Google penalty for White-hat site

Censored by Google- 64% Black-hat Google penalty for White-hat site

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64% Google penalty on michaeltyler.co.uk results through Google.

  • Original images taken by myself removed from SERPs
  • Original content unique content, unavailable elsewhere, removed from SERPs
  • Sourced and compiled articles removed from SERPs

That’s right Google has slapped a 64% traffic penalty on michaeltyler.co.uk, removing most of my images and a lot of my content that I’ve created over the 13 years on Google’s index.

Fuck Google

Fuck their SERPs.

Here’s the evidence.

Search phrases – July 2016

1Phrase Not Provided3,784
2google play store china37
4fiery cross reef14
5ch play china13
6world body painting championship12
7body painting festival austria11
82016 flooding7
9world body painting championships7
10google play in china6
11how to install google play on chinese phone6
12access play store in china6
13using google play in china6
14how to use google play store in china6
16chinglish signs5
17access google play in china5
18how to access google play store in china5
19cannot access play store in china4
20league of legends gameplay4
21play store china4
22mischief reef4
23cheyenne mountain4
24download google play china4
25how to use google play in china4
26china play store download4
27how to use play store in china4
28ostrog monastery3
29cambodian bar girls3
30lux league of legends3
31how to run google play in china3
32world body day3
33windows 103
34body painting day3
35how to access play store in china3
36access google play store in china3
37ha tien vietnam3
38cheyenne mountain complex3
39can you use google play store in china3
40does play store work in china3
41cant open play store in china3
42ikea beijing3
43keswick floods 20163
45single room apartments in taizhou2
46tyler bozeman band2
47british bukaki2
48austria body painting2
49google play proxy for china2
50google play en china2

Search Phrases – July 2017

These are the results from last month.

Luckily, I’m staying in the Marina at the moment which means I’ve got the many hours it takes to compile these results.

Google penalty - Blackhat penalty on serps - Daily search phrases

Google penalty - Blackhat penalty on serps - Visitors

1Phrase Not Provided1,619
3how to use google play store in china7
4how to use play store in china7
5how to access google play in china6
6how to access google play store in china5
7why doesnt play store work in china4
8how to download google play store in china4
9access google play in china4
10ch play china4
11play store download in china3
13la banker missing 20152
14khmer slang2
15free games for ipod2
16does google play store work in china2
17chinese phone use google play store2
18google play from china2
19how to access google play store in china on phone2
20how to access play store in china2
21how to install google play on chinese phone2
22how to use google play in china2
23google play in china2
24installing google play in china without root2
25installing google play in china2
26use play store in china2
27can i access google play store in china2
28accessing google play in china2
29using the google play store in china1
30how to use google play in chin1
31playstore geht in china nicht1
32how to use google play on china1
33how to open playstore android in china1
34how to open google play store in china1
35how to use ch play in china1
36how to run grindr without googleplay1
38how. to. access google play services in hina1
39install google play into device bought in china1
40i cannot open my play store samsung in china1
41how to use google playstore in china1
42how to use google play store in china?1
43how to use the play store in china1
44using play store in china1
45video of the biggest fairground in the world1
46how to fix google play service wont install on samsung gt i9082i (china)1
47how to feed eripuka1
48how to get chinese google play1
49how to fix google store in chine1
50world dead list1


As you can see, my top search phrase is now ‘www’ – which is obviously meaningless.

All the original content that I’ve submitted over 13 years, has been removed:-

  • google play store china
  • world body painting championship
  • belgrade
  • etc. ‘travel’

I wrote some original content about how people could install and use Google Play store in China on Chinese phones.


This content has been removed, and Google is promoting sites that have duplicated my content.

Not only that, they make a profit from selling advertising on those sites.

How can they be ‘authority’ sites if they are duplicating my content?

Ask Google.

The site has moved from page 1 on michael tyler, the first domain in the world to have a website operational under that name, to page 4 on Google search results.

Complain about Google SERPs

I’ve put this complaint in about unfair and skewed results.



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2 thoughts on “Censored by Google- 64% Black-hat Google penalty for White-hat site

  1. Don’t really understand what has gone wrong but it may be somethibg to di with May’s intention to control internet.

    1. No, I think it’s a ‘fake news’ penalty.
      Google is using this against left, right and any wing website publishing news straying from the MSM ‘party line’.
      Aparentely, my website falls into this category.
      I’m switching my browser from Chrome and moving away from Google as a search provide in favour of duck duck go.

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