Best tracks – Moraca Valley – Podgorica -> Rasko

Best tracks – Moraca Valley – Podgorica -> Rasko

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The Moraca Valley running from the Moraca river just out of Podgorica up to the small village, Rasko.

Passes through Moraca village where there’s a steam train and monastery and of course, river below.

Best drive in Serbia & Monetenegro
Towering granite spires, deep forest and plummeting river canyon most of the way.

Points to watch: Trucks approaching on the other side of the road.
Tunnels have overhang; Truck drivers work around is to approach on your side of the road.

KML (start): – 42.473850, 19.302940 Podgorica to
KML (finish): – 42.817930, 19.402110 Rasko

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