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Njegos Mausoleum – Montenegro

Njegos Mausoleum – Montenegro

Njegos MausoleumNjegos Mausoleum

Njegos MausoleumNjegos Mausoleum

Njegos MausoleumNjegos Mausoleum
KML: lat – 42.39935 lon – 18.83712

Njegos, or king Njegos to his friends. Perched himself at top the mountain to look down upon the whole of Montenegro in legacy.

Wing mirrors be warned, this is a single lane duel for most of the way. Added hazards included boulders mountain goats, sun (in eyes).

Took a Turkish Coffee at the restaurant at the summit. Seated looking West, the views are great and the coffee wasn’t bad either.

The Mausoleum itself costs €2 to get in.

Ostrog Monastery – Missing Wheel – Montenegro

Ostrog Monastery – Missing Wheel – Montenegro

Ostrog Monastery

Ostrog Monastery
KML: lat – 42.67462 lon – 19.03027

Seems that the mechanic of the monks has been at work here and forgot to remove the spare wheel he’s removed from the priests car.

Right in the middle of my photograph as well.

Perhaps this wheel is a special wheel.
If children were to play with this wheel, I wonder what would happen to them in later life?
Would they grow up normally? Would the curse of the wheel and their childish folly come to haunt them in later life?

Ostrog Monastery – Top Trumps – Montenegro

Ostrog Monastery – Top Trumps – Montenegro

Ostrog MonasteryOstrog Monastery

Ostrog MonasteryOstrog Monastery
KML: lat – 42.66820 lon – 19.03135

The Monastery at Ostrog is set in the mountainside. Built around original sacred caves where miraculous happenings took place in the 17th century.
The Ostrog monastery is a shrine and pilgrimage for many in the orthodox faith.

St. Andrews Church
Located in a church down the hill is a shrivelled, severed hand in a glass case.

The orthodox priest invites me to kiss the case and offer some money.

The priest tells me a story of how the hand was chopped off a peasant boy for stealing, gesticulating toward the fresco on’t wall above.
I note to him that the swordsmen in the fresco look like they’re Turkshow the boy was special if the Turks came to Montenegro and killed hundreds of other civilians?”
This kind of draws a blank. I end up skipping the hand kissing and he gives me and orthodox playing card for free.

There are many of these playing cards to collect. Like trumps or football cards, you can compare with your friends, swap or see which ones are best over a beer or coffee.

Here’s a my favourite Orthodox trump card. If anyone wants to exchange you know how to contact me.

The road to Ostrog Monastery – Montenegro

The road to Ostrog Monastery – Montenegro

The road to Ostrog MonasteryThe road to Ostrog Monastery
KML: lat – 42.67389 lon – 19.03156

Located high in the hills where the birds and the bees are plentiful. It’s proximity to the heavens offer some great views out over the valley.

Served by a windy road, single lane, snake pass style.

Checked a restaurant for a beer and an omelet on the way back.
A beer, cheese omelet and baklava came to €5.

Bar Accommodation – Montenegro

Bar Accommodation – Montenegro

Accommodation Problems

Temporarily solved.

Found a nice, fresh hotel in Bar. It’s been OK as a base for a little travelling without the stresses of finding accommodation at the end of the night.

The Hotel Princess is round the corner from the harbour.
Overlooking the breakwater and early morning sailing from Bari, Italy. Just as the sun comes up.

KML: lat – 42.10155 lon – 19.09127